Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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9 November 2019

Children (9)

“Eyes of God”


Children’s behaviour that appears not normal in the present days is an indication of the process of sophistication in progress: what you reject will be easily accepted in times yet to come. 

Maybe you may not be around to realise this. Man cannot correct God’s manifestation for he has not understood God’s creation as yet. If man is the creator man can correct, if at all man is the creator, which he is not.  

Man is neither the creator nor is the mind with thoughts present in the timeless ‘now’ to understand God’s creation. Understanding happens in the mind without thoughts - it reveals itself in the mind. 

The mind can never create new behaviour. The mind recalls the old behaviour from memory. The mind can never create new behaviour in children who are alive in the moment that is here and now.

The behaviour in children which the mind cannot accept is a process in sophistication. The mind only recalls the behaviour that has been registered in it and that which it can recall is normal to the mind. 

The mind cannot know the shape of things to come in terms of behaviour, no matter how illusory, in the timeless and thoughtless ‘now’. This inability appears as rejection of the behaviour in children that is in any moment in daily life in the present. 

Any detection of behaviour which is not normal may just be an indication of the process of sophistication. The old has to disintegrate to allow integration to occur so that the new may appear: off with the old and on with the new is the nature of life. 

This is life’s nature. Expected behaviour from children prevents a parent from living with a child that is alive every moment. Every parent lives unknowingly with an imaginary child, but not with a child that is alive in front of them. 

This has been the case in every generation. Life will flow in only one way for your children, just as it has done for you until now. 

The wise understand the sophistication process of life and are patient with life every moment. The wise trust that life will sophisticate the way it is meant to sophisticate.

The enlightened accept every child and adult’s behaviour as it is in every moment of daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019 

Editor’s Note:
Man’s world is constantly transforming from the norms of one generation to the norms of another. Although this is not imperceptible to the mind, it is not universally acceptable either, arousing opposition both peaceful and violent in the majority. At present, it is the minority that understand the process of sophistication revealed so clearly by Dr Shankar in this article. It is a priceless gift from the wise to the foolish whose understanding has yet to mature, if it is meant to. The evolution of understanding is not at man’s behest. It happens in the moment that is, in the here and now. It never has been nor can it ever be realised through or by mind. The eyes of God are reflecting now in the eyes of every child - for mankind. Such a blessing when we meet a child.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator’s Note:
Since man began to think, what happened to him in the course of evolution, as well as evolution as a whole happens, he lives in his mind. That the mind is not life, say the wise, as here in this article Dr. Shankar. The reasons of the wise are waterproof, irrefutable. The implications are, however, almost indigestible for the conditioned mind. Whoever deeply understands the wisdom about children and life in the timeless Here and thoughtless Now in everyday life with children, however, lives with the children as they really are, instead of with children as the mind considers them right. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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