Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

22 March 2020

Conviction (2)


Understand that between mind and life, in between these two, there is a third factor. An individual. Sometimes the individual listens to the mind and sometimes the individual does not listen to the mind. 

Understand that you have the mind. The mind has got its own conflict with life. And the individual is the middle man. You have a conflict now.  How do you come to terms with it? How do you understand it? 

You feel you have a destiny sitting on your lips. You want the destiny, which life has, to flow exactly to what you have. It appears as if your destiny listens to you sometimes and sometimes it does not. And you are lost. 

The best part of escapism is that you console yourself by saying, oh God, it is all my destiny. You take shelter of destiny without any clear understanding of destiny. So here you are and you do not know how your destiny will flow. This is your conviction.

Understand that sometimes life listens to you and sometimes life does not listen to you. Understand that this is destiny. This is irrefutabl conviction of a wise man and a wise woman. 

Understand that every time life listens to you, there is no need to become spiritual. Understand that the individual, in between mind and life, wants certain actions to happen to him or her. This is their conviction, opinion or belief.

Your mind understands that, if life happens according to your (the individual) conviction, you will be satisfied and, if it does not, you will not be satisfied.  This again is your conviction. 

A wise man and woman understand that life will happen the way it is meant to happen. This is irrefutable conviction of the wise. The wise are always satisfied with every moment of daily life.

Understand that the real does not change, but everything changes. This means that everything which the mind thinks as being real is never real. It includes actions; it includes your words. 

Understand that the mind keeps on spinning illusions one after another, which keep on tripping you into further illusions. It is a domino effect. One thought in the mind, which the individual wants, is tripping another thought in the mind, which life manifests. 

The enlightened realise that the mind does not control life. This is irrefutable conviction.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s note:
In knowledge, man attributes events that occur in daily life to some cause that he may or may not understand or he accepts that the events just happen and are as they are, like it or not. The ancients, in the classical world of antiquity, portray destiny as a triad of beings determining the passage of a man’s lifetime from the spinning of what he must meet to its conclusion. In wisdom, destiny is indicated where an outcome of an event in daily life may or may not correspond with the wishes of an individual. The wise are convinced that what happens in daily life is meant to happen. Neither mind with reason nor individual understands that this so. Understanding as the wise understand is the dawning of wisdom.
Julian Capper. UK

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