Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

23 March 2020

Conviction (3)


Understand that the real does not change. The conviction of those with knowledge say: don’t be sad, don’t make a noise, don’t be absent, don’t speak lies, speak the truth, don’t be materialistic, be spiritualistic. 

That conviction exists because of duality. Understand that words keep duality alive. The conviction makes you do only what is needed in any moment. The conviction is possible only if you were able to make any moment in life.

The conviction does away with the bad, does away with the wrong and does away with lies. Wipe it off. Not understanding, if all that is taken away, you will never know what is good, you will never know what is right, you will never know what is happiness.

It is ironical that it takes sadness to know happiness. It takes noise to appreciate silence. It takes absence to value presence.  It takes wrong to understand right. It takes bad to understand good. It takes lies to reveal truth.

A wise man or woman understands that man and woman do not make any moment in life. They also understand that what is within any moment cannot be other than what is within any moment. This is irrefutable conviction.

It is life which has manifested duality. It is a joy to understand this duality. Do you know what pains, what meticulous arrangement life has taken to impart duality to the mind? 

You know duality is there. Nobody explains how it has come. Everybody says, get rid of the duality, not realising what will happen if duality is removed. The whole life will go. 

The conviction is to make the world a better place. It is what it is in any moment and cannot be other than what it is. Would not the intelligence in life know how to make a better world? 

And you look into your lives. It may surprise you. You are involved in making life nice to you. Is it not so? It is an ongoing battle, which means that nobody has understood that life is what it is in any moment and cannot be other than what it is. 

Man just keeps on tripping, tripping and tripping into illusions that he is the doer. 

The wise understand by their irrefutable conviction that life happens the way it is meant to happen. This reveals a conviction as to who you really are in daily life.

The enlightened realise that daily life will happen the way it is meant to happen, which is albeit illusory.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s note:
That neither man nor woman in knowledge has understood the intelligence of life is a step towards wise understanding. This is as it is meant to be. Meanwhile, he or she may try to square the circle by insisting that daily life corresponds with their comfort. Neither reason nor logic nor scientific evidence, however precise and soundly based, will deliver that outcome. Remove adversity and the outcome will not be what is expected. Patient acceptance and understanding, as the wise reveal, that whatever happens during his journey is meant to happen, may be the path towards his true nature.
Julian Capper. UK

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