Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

28 March 2020

Conviction (6)


When there is no word in life and a word is only in the mind, how could a word not be in life when the mind is right here in life? Also, if everything is in the now in life, including the mind, and a word is in the mind, it implies that the word must be in life. This needs deep understanding of life and mind.

It is correct that the mind is right here in life and it is. Understand that a word in the mind right here now in life is in the same form as it is in life. Understand that a word in life is sound and a word even in the mind is sound. 

A word in the mind, which is right here now in life, is totally illusory. A word is an illusory manifestation of sound by life. Understand that in life and in the mind every moment renews as a moment.

Understand that in life and in the mind in life every moment is light and sound together. Understand that intermittently in the mind sound appears as illusory words. 

Understand that the mind is and yet mind is not. Similarly, a letter is and yet a letter is not. A word is and yet a word is not. Understand that this is why life is mysterious.

Understand that an action, an event and a situation is known by humans only as words in the mind. Understand that words are there in the mind of humans and yet not there in the mind.

The conviction of man and woman with knowledge is that an action, event and situation is an actuality not only in the mind, but also in life. This is supported by reason and logic, which are as words in the mind. 

The conviction of a wise man and woman, however, is that an action, event and situation are words in the mind, which are, yet are not. The irrefutable conviction of a wise man and woman is that life and mind is a flow of light and sound. 

Understand that all the names and forms are optical illusions of light. All situations, all events, all actions are optical illusions of light as well. Understand that all situations, all events and all actions as words in the mind are auditory illusions of sound. 

The enlightened realise that life is a play of light and sound.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
Reality is sound and light. Thus, reality is experienced in daily life as sound of whatever is heard and as light of whatever is seen and known. Whatever is experienced, known or thought in any field in daily life is illusory; what is not is reality. Thus,what is is not. Do we not live with words in the mind almost every life-gifted moment of the day? So repetitive is this process that it seems self-generated and unstoppable once it has got going. Word is an illusion of sound whose utterance may nonetheless be transformative in wisdom. The beginning of understanding as the wise understand lifts the curtain upon the play of light and sound.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note:
Our mind is often "in a certain situation" in our everyday life. How often do we want to "get out of a situation", "escape from a situation" or wish that the "situation" would change. The reasons for this are logical and plausible in one way or another. Dr. Shankar's article on the conviction of the sages that situations are words and nothing real in life, gives clarity about the flow of life and reveals that man does not need to free himself from a real situation, but from his conviction that words describe a real situation, if it happens to him or her. With this insight man enters life from the mind, where there is only light and sound, but no situation. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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