Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

3 April 2020

Creation (2)

“ Thoughts”

Understand that when you understand that the creation of moment and what is within any moment is not by you but by the intelligence in life, you will become very patient and will trust life. 

Understand that, at the same time, you will be ready to receive life as it is. You will become relaxed in life. No matter what you receive or do not receive in life, you will be patient with trust in life.

Understand that when you want to get and, if you get, you will have problems. If you do not get what you want and resort to many means to get it, you will have problems too. 

Understand that to receive what life is giving you as thoughts and what life is teaching you by giving what you receive as thoughts, life is teaching you that the entire universe is a creation. Creation and ‘to get’ by you is not possible. 

That is why in your life you will find, every day, that you simply get adjusted to it. Every day you somehow seem to get along with it. Today you did not know about it yesterday. 

Understand that you have no idea of the exactness of today as thoughts. You can have any ideas of your own as thoughts, but the exact manner of today is a creation by the intelligence in life. You cannot precisely pinpoint the exactness of any moment in daily life.  

Understand that every moment in a day is a creation by life and a creation neither by man nor by woman. Understand that if every moment is a creation by you, you will know exactly what will happen not only today, but also tomorrow. But do you?

Understand that, if you know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, you will not have problems. This is because, if something tomorrow creates a problem to you, you will not let it happen if every moment is a creation by you. But it is not!

Normally you try to solve a problem after the problem has happened. If you can solve a problem, why did you not stop the problem from happening? It will save you the problem of solving it.

A wise man and woman understand that every moment in daily life with its contents is not a creation by them. They are patient to receive the creation of any moment in life.

The enlightened live the moment and the creation within it.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
On man’s pathway in life, he will meet what he is meant to meet. This is the infallible declaration of the wise in their deep understanding of life. There is no other play.  A man with thoughts, however, will perforce resort to an action or to a plan in order to resolve a problem or a need that appears in front of him ; but... (gently) it may or it may not resolve it. If the outcome pleases him, he will be happy and proud. If it does not please him, he will become despondent and even subject to criticism. Impatience, anger, mistrust or even despair will attend upon him. Thus, the pathway to realising who he really is is evolving, if it is meant to. 
The realisation, declared by the wise both here and elsewhere, in every generation, that man is not the doer and that every moment and what it contains is created by the intelligence of life, awakens gradually in him. He becomes alive! 
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
The ego thinks of itself as a doer who wants to get something from life, instead of understanding that everyone receives from life in every moment what creation provides, whether you like it or not. Problems that the mind creates every day are for getting, not for receiving. Dr. Shankar shows in this wonderful article the crucial difference. With this understanding, problems disappear as reality and reveal themselves as illusions with which the mind is shadowboxing. After all, understanding life and living it as it is does not mean asceticism or renunciation, nor does it mean having demands and expectations. Wisdom lets people enjoy life as it is. Nothing in life exists without the thought of its existence. Man experiences an illusion of thought provided by creation and no reality. One cannot know life as it is, but yet one can live life. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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