Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

2 November 2017

Daily life


Satsang literally means true company, because sat means truth and sang means company. Satsang also means a gathering for the truth. This implies that people gather together to know the truth from one who knows the truth.

There have been many people who speak about the truth and there are many gatherings to listen to the truth spoken. But, no matter how many gather or how many speak the truth, man or woman is yet to know what true company is.

What could be the true company regarding daily life that could be known and understood by anyone requires to be deeply understood.

The truth is the moment in life. A year does not happen in a moment. A year happens after twelve months. A month does not happen in a moment. A month happens after four weeks.

A week does not happen in a moment. A week happens after seven days. A day does not happen in a moment. A day happens after twenty four hours. An hour does not happen in a moment. An hour happens after sixty minutes.

A minute does not happen in a moment. A minute happens after sixty seconds. A second does not happen in a moment. A second happens after another second, but a second happens in a moment and nobody knows when a moment or the next happens.

Space is needed for anything to exist. This implies that a moment has a space, otherwise a moment could not exist.

Man and woman too need space and a moment to exist, but man neither makes a moment nor space. This is the truth. This implies that man and woman are in true company with every moment in daily life.

This means that man or woman is in satsang with every moment in his or her daily life. This signifies that daily life that happens to man or woman is a satsang for a man or for a woman.

Both man, woman and everyone are in their unique space and moment in life. This implies that daily life, as it happens, is satsang for each of them. The moment and space for everyone in daily life is the true company.

This implies that what is meant to happen to each of them or to anyone in daily life will happen and they cannot make it happen or stop it happening.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
There have been and will continue to be many teachers, gurus, philosophers, priests and even scholars that have offered guidance and advice for those wishing to live happy and healthy lives. Mankind seeks and searches for answers to life-questions. In their deep understanding of daily life, the wise reveal here that the very moment in which the life happens for every person is true. It is as it is. Such is the blessing for mankind of each and every moment. Such is the release from the bondage of existence.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator’s Note: 
If a satsang is visited at a certain place, and one is listening to a certain person, a “special“ person, the conditioned mind believes that what is shared in a satsang is a matter of giving and taking. You go there, is the common belief, and you take the solution for all problems in daily life with you. But this is not the case. If what is shared in a satsang is not understood in daily life with all its big problems and tiny issues, man or woman will not be transformed by the satsang but confused even more. Therefore it is wise to read what Dr. Shankar shares here in this article, which is a true satsang: Understand life as it is in daily life and don’t run away from it. Understanding deeply is the only solution for illusory problems. Every issue or problem is illusory indeed, because life makes everything happen, albeit illusory, but it needs to be understood deeply. So daily life is the satsang man and woman search for in order to live life instead of thinking life. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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