Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

23 May 2021



Humans believe that man and woman are doers and that others can do as well. Man and woman wantto be the doer and wish to do as well and it is the same with others. The mind is conditioned to this belief as the truth and it is the truth to man and woman.

History records also indicate that man and woman are doers and that to reason and logic it is the truth. Historical records of scriptures and statements by the enlightened indicate that man and woman are not doers, which cannot be understood by reason and logic by every man and woman.

But historical records that man and woman  are doers cannot be denied and so too that man and woman are not doers. What is written in scriptures and declared by the enlightened in historical records cannot be denied either. So how is the historical record that man or woman is not the doer and cannot be the doer to be understood?

Wisdom reveals that the alphabets of any language and the letters and words in any language indicate that every language known to any man and woman is sound that appears as letters, words and language that is known to man and woman.

Wisdom also reveals that the moment in life existed much before man existed in the moment. As evolution evolved, life included man and woman within the moment along with matter, vegetation and animals.

Wisdom reveals that sound is always in nature in every moment. Wisdom further reveals that from every living creature, no matter how big or small, including every human no matter how big or small, sound gets uttered.

Wisdom reveals that vegetation, animals and every human being, no matter how big or small, grow in every moment. Growth is the movement in any moment. This signifies that, in any moment in life, there is only movement in any moment.

Wisdom reveals that every man and woman expresses many movements in daily life. Wisdom reveals that many movements are within many single movements and each single movement occupies one moment.

Wisdom reveals that this signifies that every human being is only moving in any given moment. Moreover, since a human being in his or her entire lifetime is only moving, he or she is not the doer of any action and cannot be the doer either. This is because an action is absent in every moment. An action in the moment is imagined by humans.

The enlightened realise that they are not the doer and understand that human beings believe that they are the doers.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2021

Editor’s Note:
Imagination is a significant gift of the intelligence of life for man on his or her pathway in life. Not only does it provide entertainment and arouse expectation on a daily basis, but it may also reveal the illusory nature of the mind with thoughts. The authority of scriptural and historical records that highlight man’s achievements (and indeed failures) undoubtedly strengthens his or her conviction in being the doer, whilst he or she is not is revealed by the wise.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
The belief that man is the doer is firmly anchored in humanity, in almost every single human being. It is not only the majority that believes in it, it is almost the totality of the humans. If already with everyday convictions it is all the more difficult for the individual to contradict the views of the majority in his family, of the majority in his immediate environment, professionally as well as privately, of the majority in his circle of friends, of the majority in his society and culture, religion and tradition, loudly or quietly or completely in silence, how much higher is the pressure to adapt when it comes to the worldwide universal belief in the acting power of the individual! It is the deepest need of every human to belong, to be recognized and to be taken seriously. The records of the independent, liberated enlightened ones, that man is not the doer, cause regularly most violent contradiction, if not hostility. Wisdom appears to knowledge as stupidity. This is how the collective, almost insurmountable conditioning works. This article by Dr. Shankar is a small but powerful step out of conditioning into freedom, if it is meant to be. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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