Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

19th August 2014





Essence means it is the intrinsic nature, the existential nature, or an indispensible quality of whatever exists, without which nothing could exist. Life has surely evolved, because life could not have come out of nothing.


Therefore, evolution would not only involve every aspect of daily life, but also everything that exists and functions in life. It means that instinct, intuitiveness, intellect, knowledge, wisdom and whatever exists have evolved from the essence. Therefore it is essential to understand what could be the essence that evolves and functions everything.


Primitive man moved instinctively, but he did not know that he moved instinctively. Later, primitive man moved intuitively, meaning that he understood instinctively that he moved, which means he yet again did not know that he moved. Eventually, as intellect evolved in intuition, primitive man knew that he moved. He began to share with others that he moved and told others to move too. But the essence had not yet evolved intuitiveness and intellect equally in all. Those in whom intellect had evolved sufficiently, understood that they moved, but did not know that the essence moved them. They began to tell their children to move and as the essence began to move the children, primitive man believed that he had taught his children to move.


Primitive man later began to talk with his children, and when speaking evolved in the children, just as speaking had evolved in his parents, the children began to speak, and the parents believed that they had taught their children to speak. Later, primitive man began to think as thinking evolved in him. The intellect that has evolved in life in the present day gives clues that the essence has evolved, and that man has not made doing, speaking and thinking happen, but believes that he does them.


Every mother believes that she teaches her child first to do, and later to speak, but does not realise that doing and speaking happens spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably in a child, and later on thinking as well. This can only mean that even the primitive parents would have done the same, and they did too, as life evolved doing, speaking and thinking, spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably in them, by the essence present in life.


To do, to speak and to think happens instinctively, intuitively and intellectually to every child, even to the present day, as an evolutionary process of life, and it did too not only to primitive man but also to his child, due to the essence present in life. The modern parent, however, thinks that he teaches his child to do and to speak, just as primitive man thought he did.


Man needs to ponder what the essence could be, without which nothing could exist or function in everything.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note
Dr Shankar is here gifting such a fine insight into your life and mine. The innermost provider of our lives in all its conscious and unconscious expressions, to which the name ‘essence’ has long been given, is the light and the guide for your enquiry and mine. Gratitude is the first response – thank you.
Peter Julian Capper, UK.


German Translator’s Note:

Remarkable article! Believing that every mother and every father teaches their children, man is blind to the fact that all in life has evolved spontaneously. Primitive parents spoke and fulfilled actions spontaneously without having a teacher or parent teaching them how to speak and how to act. It cannot be otherwise, because every behavior or word spoken must have happened without being taught when it happened for the first time. And therefore it obviously still happens spontaneously but repetition makes man believe in teaching as real. Every parent should think about how he himself as well as mankind came to be what they are a long way of evolution, albeit illusory, in order to evolve as more compassionate especially with their own children, whom they should love more than anything else. When it comes to educate children, modern man is far too quick with judging children's behavior followed by blaming, threatening and punishing or praising and rewarding – let's call it simply manipulation – all based on the belief that parents teach their children how to act and how to speak properly. That manipulation seems to function is an illusion precisely manifested by life! In fact manipulation, albeit illusory, happens in order to condition the mind of parents and children alike in believing that man is a doer, speaker and thinker; this is how life preserves its illusions as real, all as part of the evolutionary process of life’s essence. When manipulation happens in a family, it cannot be denied that fear and anger are the other side of the coin, and love is lost. Pondering what the all-moving essence could be may guide parents and everybody else to a deeper understanding of children and himself. The deeper the depth of understanding that it is not man making himself and others act, speak or think, the less manipulation will happen to man, instead life will guide his children lovingly through mother and father, not in order to shape their behavior but to deepen their understanding of life too.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


Dutch translator’s note

The sophistication that is brought about by evolution and has made man to what he now is, has also sophisticated the mind to a vast network of beliefs. All of us are standing in front of the gateway to ultimate understanding, but the gateway seems to be hermetically shut. The gateway is the mind with its beliefs which all find their origin in one belief: I am the doer, speaker and thinker. By looking back into the evolution it becomes clear that man cannot be the doer, speaker and thinker. However, this understanding will also have to sophisticate, until the whole network of beliefs is understood to be illusory and not real. Then it will be evident that the shut gateway’s existence was illusory and not real. Both the sophistication and the understanding happen because of the essence of life, the mind cannot grasp this majesty.

Paula Smit, The Netherlands




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