Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

29th August 2014



Essence and Anger


Man and woman do not wish to be angry or anyone to be angry either, including their children. But nevertheless anger is sometimes present in daily life. Anger in daily life arises due to an action or words, spoken or written.


The essence present every moment in life has evolved evolution, movement, action and speech. This means that man has not started evolution or made it progress every moment to its present stage. This only means that man has not taught another or his child how to do, speak or think, but apparently the doing, speaking and thinking happen in the process of evolution.


The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that what is meant to happen will happen and no force on earth can stop it from happening, and what is meant not to happen will not happen and no force on earth can make it happen.


The enlightened also have rightly proclaimed that life is like a river, meaning life flows due to the essence present within it. The river could be a gentle flow or a raging flow. Nature is gentle but can also be in rage as in natural catastrophes, and so too animals are gentle and naturally in a rage at times. Likewise, a man could be naturally gentle and also in a natural range of rage of anger sometimes. It means anger is a flow of movement that is present in the evolution of nature, animal and man.


It is important to understand that anger is not due to an action or a word, though it appears to be, but is a movement of life. The depth of understanding that has happened to man is reflected by the quality of speech and movement that happen to him.


An action and a word need to be understood that they are inseparable from growth and movement, because an action, growth and movement are dependent on evolution. If understanding happens to man that he is not the doer, speaker or thinker, he becomes compassionate towards others to whom life flows in different intensities of rage, meaning anger. The enlightened patiently wait for that understanding to evolve in every individual.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
It is not uncommon to find anger being expressed on a daily basis in our ordinary relationships both with animate and inanimate objects – perfectly normal, one would say. It is not common, however, to be gifted with real understanding as to the place of anger in the natural flow of life. There are no mistakes in this flow, nothing with which to find fault.

Julian Capper. UK


German Translator’s Note:

Anger is an opportunity to understand life better for the one who is angry as well as for the observer. This article by Dr. Shankar gives rise to patience and compassion with oneself as well as our fellow human beings. If anger would not happen to the enlightened too, he would stop moving because even gentle movement is minimal anger. However, the depth of understanding reflects the movement of any individual. This means that the deeper the understanding, the more the movement is short lived or momentary and not carried over to the next moment. The enlightened live moment to moment. When joy and anger, or any duality is only for a moment, it is bliss. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany


Dutch translator’s note:

When a stone is thrown in the water, concentric ripples will be formed. Likewise, some actions or words seem to cause ripples in the human mind. Sometimes these ripples are very violent and anger is present about the action that is done, or the words that were uttered. This article reveals that the action, the words, the mind and the anger are neutral and they all are in the same stream of evolution. There is no judgement in this article about the stone, nor the water or the ripples. The article stimulates observation of what seems to be ‘my’, ‘his’ or ‘her’ anger. A stimulus to observe anger as a movement in life and as part of evolution.

Paula Smit, the Netherlands



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