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27th August 2014



Essence and Creation


The essence of life is a prime word to man and, to him, the essence is the unknown, which he believes could be known and experienced. To man, the essence of creation is all-powerful, and he believes he too could be powerful as the essence of creation, if he could achieve the essence of life.


Mind is the only instrument man has with which he could know and experience. But man’s mind is limited and not unlimited. Also, man’s imaginations may be unlimited, but the unlimited imaginations are nevertheless limited. Therefore, his knowledge and experience of the all-powerful essence would be limited and not unlimited. The essence is, however, unlimited because it is present in every speck of creation and in every function, in whatever that exists.


There are unlimited, living creations that exist and function in the world. They are also different from each other in appearance, including their functions. This only means that the essence which is present in every creation is different in appearance and so too the functions. The essence, however, cannot have different appearances or functions. If the differences were true, it would be difficult to determine which could be the real appearance or function. The real could only be one and not many, including the function. Therefore, it is important to enquire what makes up everything that is in creation and functions that may point towards the essence.


The enlightened have proclaimed that the essence is without any attributes. And everything that exists and functions is either solid, liquid or gas. This means that the essence cannot be solid, liquid or gas, and so too the essence in the functions cannot be solid, liquid or gas. Therefore, it is obvious that the essence, though it appears as a solid, liquid or gas, is not any of those. The only thing known to man that is not a solid, liquid or gas is light. Light is not physical either, as anything physical has mass or weight.


The enlightened have also proclaimed that life is energy and without cause or effect. These two pointers are helpful in understanding what the essence of creation could be. Light exists without cause or effect and light neither causes nor is an effect. The inherent characteristic of light is reflection and this is evident by a mirror. Every atom of a mirror is not made up of mirror, but every atom of a mirror is made up of light. Therefore, a mirror is proof that the inherent characteristic of light is reflection. Light has no attributes what so ever either, because every atom of whatever is affected by light is light too. Therefore, it is evident that every atom of whatever that exists and functions is only light. This means that the all-powerful essence in creation is light, which man longs to achieve. How could man possibly achieve light, because every atom of man is light. Man needs to ponder whether it is ever possible for light to achieve itself. Man needs to understand that whatever exists and functions is a reflection of light, which is the essence of all creations and functions. This realisation is enlightenment.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s note.
The essentials of your life and mine, the sine qua non – (that) without which (we do) not (exist) – is lit in this article simply and penetratingly. It is attributeless, yet it endows your attributes and mine. It is like a perfect secret that is known only to itself.
Julian Capper.UK


Dutch translator’s note:

Our language verbalizes the reality of creation and not its essence. A table is a table, a chair is a chair. Only life itself we cannot determine, its existence is undeniable, but what it is, we don’t know. To understand this, man searches for the essence of creation and with that for the essence of himself. This article answers the question what the essence is. For some this will be recognized and welcomed and to others it will be inconceivable, and everything in between. However, by reading this article we all will be touched by the light of wisdom.

Paula Smit. NL


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2013



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