Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

4th September 2014



Essence and Hate


Like and dislike are inherent characteristics in man, due to the evolutionary process, which is a function of the essence of life. The characteristics of like and dislike are also present in animals. Man has not opted for what he likes or dislikes. The characteristics have happened to him, and they may change too, and man has no control if they change or do not change. The same happens in animals too.


Man does not know why he likes or dislikes. He may have many reasons for liking or disliking and, if the reasons were real, it would apply to all, because the real would be the same and not different. But what is liked by one is not necessarily liked by another; in fact the other may dislike it. Similarly, what is disliked by one is not necessarily disliked by another; in fact the other may like it. True is the saying ‘One man’s medicine is another man’s poison’.


The essence of life is the same in every person, but the quality of man’s characteristics varies in intensity, from minimal to maximum. The intensity of a characteristic is never the same in every individual. Man really does not know why he likes or dislikes. He just does and this is a fact of everyday life.


When the intensity of the characteristic dislike is intense it appears as hate. The characteristic hate, if understood, may either go or change to dislike or even turn into like or love. When understanding happens to man that the intensity of the inherent characteristics happen in only one way, he becomes compassionate and loving to one and all, including the one in whom the intensity of dislikes is hate.


The enlightened realise the function of essence in the characteristics of man, and are compassionate to those who dislike or hate. They wait patiently for the essence of life to flow its course with regards to the characteristic hate, either that hate may stay, lessen or change into like or love.


Similarly, if man or woman understands the function of essence in life, with regards to characteristics of man and waits patiently for its intensity to flow its natural way, he or she would be at peace with every situation in life. Also, he would have love and care for everybody, just as the enlightened have.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
There is no adult who has not experienced the touch of hate. There is nothing pleasant about it for it has a cutting, if not violent, edge. We are fortunate to receive the understanding of the enlightened in this article to allow for its rise in intensity and its subsequent fall.

Julian Capper,UK.


German Translator’s Note:

That which we love, we hate the most if something goes against our expectations. Could this be love? It is the duality between likes and dislikes and in their most extreme intensities love and hate, as duality. That hate is interconnected with love in the mind is an important point to be understood, otherwise man would always wonder how, for example, many couples first marry full of “love“, and, later, hate each other, until and even after divorce. Likes and dislikes happen to them uncontrollably and were taken as real. This article gives insights into the human psyche which are to be understood by psychology and every man and woman as yet. Let’s wait patiently.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany



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