Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

13th October 2014



Essence and Innocence


A baby’s smile is innocent and loved by everyone. We are attracted to the baby by its innocence, because the baby does not interpret the moment. The baby simply lives every moment.


A smile of an adult, on the other hand, is never considered innocent, because the mind in the adult interprets the moment, but does not live the moment as a child does. The smile of an adult is loved if its interpretations support the beliefs of the observer’s mind.


The word innocence or innocent is used normally to signify not guilty of any kind of harm, either mental or physical. The child may harm itself or the other. But the child does not know that it has caused harm to itself or the other. The child may even cry, but the child is not considered guilty of harm by an adult. The child is still considered innocent. Why is this?


The child is innocent by nature, but is considered innocent because its actions are not interpreted by the adult. The adult believes the child caused harm unknowingly or unintentionally, because the adult is certain that the child has no knowledge of cause and effect.


Intention means that man has knowledge of cause and effect. The knowledge of cause and effect gives rise to interpretations and a judgment of intention. The moment a judgment of intention based on cause and effect is arrived at, innocence is no longer present.


It is therefore important to validate which could have been the first cause and the first effect that could have given rise to the first intention that could prove man guilty or innocent. In other words, the proof of which cause came first or which effect came first. This proof is, however, not possible to arrive at, because man can never know whether the egg came first or the chicken came first.


Everything that exists has come because of the essence in evolution, including the knowledge of cause and effect. The essence cannot be controlled by man and therefore evolution too. The evolved cause and effect therefore could not have been made by man. The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that life is causeless or effectless, and that cause, effect and intentions are illusory thoughts in the mind.


Therefore, the moment understanding happens to man that the essence in life evolves man or woman to be who they are meant to be, everyone will be understood to be innocent. Love and compassion to those who we know, meet and live with will be present every moment.


The child’s smile therefore reflects the essence in everyone, and teaches wisdom to an adult that everyone is who or what they are meant to be.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s note:

This beautiful insight into the nature of the child and the adult expresses the gift that is presented to man. Those fortunate to have experienced the company of the baby will be deeply moved. Yes, we are that we may be in the river of life.

Julian Capper. UK.


German Translator’s Note:

Children live without right and wrong, and when they begin to understand right and wrong, they don’t believe in guilt immediately, instead they feel innocent. This is the childhood’s paradise which adults are searching for during their lifetime. When the belief in logic and reason evolves in the child as real, innocence seems lost. The paradise of innocence is regained when the proclamation of the enlightened that life is without cause and effect is understood deeply. This makes even an adult live life in innocence like a child, however with an evolved mind. The enlightened know right and wrong too, but they understand that guilt is not real and that in fact children and adults alike are innocent by nature. Wonderful article!

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany



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