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15th November 2014



Essence and Self-enquiry


Knowledge is present and man knows lots of it. There are many subjects in knowledge, including science. Man believes he has learnt the knowledge that he has.


With his knowledge man engages in self-enquiry. Self-enquiry is a spiritual quest, meaning it is a search not only for the essence of man, but also for the essence of life. This search poses enquiries itself. Firstly, whether the search could be possible, because the essence, which is present within ‘search’, enables ‘search’ to exist. The essence, therefore, cannot search for itself, just as the tongue cannot taste itself.


Secondly, quest and search are two words of knowledge. Knowledge is made up of letters. This means the letter ‘A’ indicates the possibility of the knowledge of ‘B’. This implies that the letter ‘A’ does not indicate the possibility of the wisdom of ‘B’. And the same applies to every letter of the alphabet.


Therefore, whatever the search finds would be only knowledge and neither wisdom nor the essence of man or life. Now, every letter is sound, and this sound appears as a letter in the mind.


Similarly, every word is sounds of letters, and the sounds appear as a word with meaning in the mind. Therefore, the search would only find sounds and not the essence of man or life.


Therefore, it is impossible to search for the essence of man or life. The only option would be to find the essence of knowledge, which is sound, and this self-enquiry should be irrefutable either by knowledge or science.


Now science is knowledge gifted to man by the essence of life. Through science the essence of life has made man understand that sound is none other than light.

This implies that knowledge is an illusory manifestation of light. And since every atom of everything that exists, including man, is light, it would imply that the essence of man and life is light.


The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that life is a play of light and sound. They have proclaimed many statements that point to the fact that life is illusory. The statements of the enlightened sages have been explained with clarity in the website www.acadun.com . These explanations lay a good foundation for self-enquiry towards wisdom, which is enlightenment.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
Man’s earnest quest for finding the origin of life has never been demonstrated more vividly than in the recent, scientifically-driven achievement of landing a spacecraft on a comet that was travelling at almost 34,000 mph. This was a journey of 252 million miles from Earth taking 10 years – a space odyssey of some magnitude. No lesser an odyssey is man’s journey towards enlightenment – a journey supported and proclaimed by the wise. Such is the nature of this article on self-enquiry gifted by life through the wisdom of Dr Shankar.

Julian Capper. UK.


German Translator’s Note:

If we open any spiritual book, the term “self-enquiry“ is present, be it explicitly or implicitly. But in none of them, it could be found as yet, a clear enquiry of what self-enquiry itself could be and wether it is real or not. This is what is provided only on www.acadun.com by Dr. Shankar, and here in this article. Whoever is really interested in spirituality and what it really means, should come, sit and listen. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.


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