Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

9 April 2020

Feelings (2)

“Good or bad”

Understand that if you are the doer you can have only the feelings you want, which will be good and not bad. Understand that feelings come to you whether you like it or not. Understand that the feelings that come are either good or bad. 

Understand that everyone and everything comes from an intelligent source. Every feeling, no matter what feeling it is, comes from within you and from where you yourself came. 

The origin for everyone and everything is a source which is very intelligent. If a bad feeling is real in life, a wrong feeling is real in life, it must have its own source separate from the source of the good feeling, if it is real. 

Understand that you have both good and bad feelings, so you must have two sources. Either you come from a good source or you come from a bad source. Who is to decide which source you come from? 

Did you have a choice in coming into this world? Did your parents take your permission whether you wanted to come into this world? Did you discuss with your parents that you want to come into this world? 

Understand that you just find yourself in this world and, strangely enough, each man, each woman sometimes in their lives have good feelings, sometimes in their lives they have bad feelings. You have either good or bad feelings many times in your life. 

Who are you really? If you have good and bad feelings, which source did you come from? You must have come from a source which is good and bad. Understand that the intelligent source is just one and not two.

If you come from the bad source, nobody can do anything about it. You will be bad right through your life because the bad source is real. If you come from the good source, you will always be good and nobody can do anything about it, because the good source is real.

The problem however is, if you are only good, you will never know that you are good. If you are only bad, you will never know that you are bad. How would you know? 

Understand that only the person who is good and bad will know what are good and bad feelings. 

Understand that the intelligent source in life manifests duality, which appears two, for example, good and bad, but is nevertheless one.

The enlightened live the feelings that happen to them. They neither define nor describe a feeling.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
Is duality reality? Would we describe goodbad as duality or is it reality? Would we describe it all? Would we understand it? Is this a conundrum? But that would be a description. Isn’t the mind with thoughts so quick to define it? But that would be a definition. The wise understand that mind with thoughts lags behind life. Nor does it know life, for it cannot. Mind can only describe or define goodbad afterwards. In wisdom, life is living the conundrum. There is no other play.
Julian Capper.UK

German Translator‘s Note:
The mind is choosy, it only wants the good and not the bad. However, Dr. Shankar points out the contradiction in this idea, because everything can only come from one source and not from two different ones, one good and one bad. The mind lives with many contradictions, which remain hidden to itself as long as they have not been deeply examined and understood. These articles about feelings offer the stimulus for an independent, intelligent investigation of what man takes for granted. The wise do not expect you to simply believe them! Through Dr. Shankar's articles, life provides mankind with the key to intelligent understanding and intelligent handling, however illusory, of all feelings in everyday life and in extreme situations, good or bad. The bad weighs heavier the more weight you give to the good. To see the good in the bad and the bad in the good, on the other hand, opens up the clarity that both are one, which appears as two. Thus, the harmony of creation becomes apparent at every moment. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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