Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14 April 2020

Feelings (4)


Understand that to expect a particular feeling at a specific moment in daily life is impossible. Understand that the expected, particular feeling may or may not happen in daily life. 

Understand that, if it is not up to you what feeling you should have, it is not up to anyone either. Understand that even if man and woman have the expected particular feeling at specific moments, for three months, each will ask: are you feeling okay? 

Understand that it is not up to you or anyone to control feelings. The force of life is tremendous and needs to be understood because you get into so many feelings in daily life. You know that very well. 

The force of life that is as moving. The force of life that is as doing. The force of life that is as speaking. The force of life that is as thinking. The force of life that is as feelings. The force of life is unbelievable. 

Electricity is electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is light. Electromagnetism is everywhere on earth. The whole feeling boils down to light. When you look at the sun, it is so far away. You feel the sun is up in the sky.

Understand that the sun is not only up in the sky, but it is also right where you are. This includes the space between you and the sun. You can feel the sun wherever that you are.

Science has proclaimed that there is sun-dust from the sun to the earth. Everywhere on earth is sun-dust and sun-dust is light. That is why your body is hot. That is why the weather is hot. 

The body can be cold too. The body feels cold too, does it not? What does it mean? It means that not only is the ocean out there, but also that the ocean is here in the body. And science has said, yes, there is water everywhere. 

Not only is there water in the ocean, it is everywhere: including in your body, including in the plants, including in animals, including the sun, including the atmosphere. Everywhere there is water. 

Understand that every atom of water is light. And air is everywhere - right from the sun to your body, everywhere, in the ocean, in the plants and in the animals. 

Science has proclaimed it now: wherever there is water, there will be air and there will be heat (fire). Wherever there is fire, there will be water, there will be air. Wherever there is air, there will be water and there will be fire. You cannot separate them. 

The wise understand that feeling is everywhere because the phenomenon touch is everywhere. The wise understand that every atom of air, fire, water is light. Light is oneness.

The enlightened live any particular feeling that is everywhere. They neither define nor describe them.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The enlightened, in their deep understanding of life, appreciate the force of light that manifests and enlivens the entire animate and inanimate creation. This force is the birthright of every human being, nourishing every, conceivable activity in nature, both physical and subtle. It is formidable. Individuality, however, resident in the mind with thoughts and grandstanding as the ego, is in unceasing conflict with the force of life. This conflict runs from generation to generation during man’s journey in life until that is...until the gradual awakening of patience and trust. This is the gift of wisdom to man and to woman, if it is meant to be.     
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
The habit of the mind is to name feelings. A tingling in the stomach can be interpreted as anxiety on the one hand, but also as being in love on the other. In certain situations it is called joyful excitement. Thus the perception of the body feeling is overlaid by thoughts. As Dr. Shankar explains in this article, on the other hand, it is wise to be aware of this illusion of the mind over feelings and not to describe or define feelings. The description or definition as precisely provided by the mind as it is meant to happen in every moment is never reality. With this understanding, as it deepens, man lives feelings, both positive and negative, as they are, without attachment or resistance – life may flow as it is. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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