Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

15 April 2020

Feelings (5)


The earth is not far behind. Earth is not only where you place your feet. It exists even in the air. Up to the sun. So all four elements air, water, fire (heat) and earth are present right through the universe. 

Every atom of the five elements, air, water, fire and earth is light. That is oneness. 

How do feelings of the weather change? How can weather, which is hot, full of sun-dust, become cold? It becomes cold because, besides heat, water is present as well. The intelligence in life increases water when the sun goes down and you feel cold. 

Little less of fire, you feel winter. The fluctuations of four elements air, water, fire and earth is the weather. The intelligence in life in mysterious ways creates the various weathers you feel. 

The weather you feel externally is the play of the four elements. You are an expression of the four elements and they manifest the weather of thoughts as feelings in your mind internally. 

Whenever you have anger, where are your other feelings? They do not go anywhere. All other feelings are in that anger itself. At a lesser intensity, which you cannot recognise. 

Anger exposes itself. Just as summer exposes itself. Just as winter exposes itself. Just as autumn exposes itself. Just as spring exposes itself. So, whenever any feeling is expressed, the rest are also present within you. 

The other unrecognised feelings are present. Not as any word. Not as any thought. Not as any feeling. They are elements present as sound. Understand the magic of sound intensity. Sound is expressed as feeling. 

Elements as energy take the form of air and air manifests illusion of thought. So understand, when the feeling of anger comes, it is the fluctuation of the elements. And it will go. As the feeling of anger goes, the next feeling is replaced. 

Understand that there is no gap between feelings. There is always a feeling present because of touch and touch is a feeling which is always present, just as the feeling of weather is always present.

No-one is to blame a feeling. No-one to control a feeling. If you can control the weather, understand you can control your feelings too.  You cannot control feelings and, least of all, by a psychiatrist. Feelings will change if they are meant to change.

Enjoy feeling the weather in nature, enjoy feeling the weather in the mind in your sitting room, in your bedroom, in your kitchen, wherever. They will change if they are meant to change. Then you become a wise one - better now than later. 

The enlightened live the feeling they have in any moment. They neither define nor describe.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
There is no-one else; there is nowhere else; there is nothing else. So, midst this vast population that overcrowds this earth, can there in reality be a second, another? No, not really, although it looks like it, even at such times as these. But are there other times, other than the one in the moment that is here and now. Is there another earth or another planet with another name or another identity? Then, what happened when man built a sophisticated craft that cost $illions and went on a long journey to the moon? Moon-dust? Such is this writer’s weather in the sitting room now. Maybe enlightenment is uninhibited.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
For example, fear and anger are feelings that you do not want to feel. You want to end them, preferably for ever. The mind names the omnipresent feeling as this and that, joy, fear, shame, anger, happiness, whatever, sometimes good sometimes bad. The good should stay, the bad ones disappear. This article brings it to the point: Least of all the psychiatrist can change feelings! But the expectation is high: Only when the feared feelings change, so the opinion of the mind, can man live his life well. Some throw themselves into work, others into leisure activities to suppress unwanted feelings, if it is meant to be so. But the wisdom of this article implies: There is no shortcut, there is no other way than to live the feeling of the moment without naming it. There is no other feeling in every moment than what is present. This is the beginning of the wisdom of feelings. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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