Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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22 December 2019

Fifth Season (10)


Have you not realised that man can exist in the waking state only if he has conditions? How dependent you are on conditions. It is because you cannot accept life as it is. Understand that life is moving you every moment, even when you are still, just as any weather in any season is moving even when the weather is still.

Understand that any moment in life is manifested by the intelligence in life and not by man or woman or their mind. A moment in life is not separate from the next moment in life because moment is present in between two moments in life.  

This signifies that the moment in life is eternal.

Similarly, a moment in the human mind is not separate from the next moment in the human mind because moment is present in between two moments in the human mind.

This signifies that the moment in the mind is eternal as well.

The articles Air, Water, Fire (heat), Earth, Time and space clearly explain why every moment in life contains all the five elements, air, water, fire (heat), earth, time and space. 

This signifies that every moment in life contains air, water, fire (heat) and earth in time and space. It also signifies that every moment in the mind contains air, water, fire (heat) and earth in time and space.

This makes every moment of any season in life, which contains air, water, fire (heat) and earth in time and space, appear as the various weathers in any season in every moment. 

This also makes every moment of the mind that contains air, water, fire (heat) and earth in numerical duration of time in space appear as various thoughts and feelings in the moment of the mind. 

Every man and woman with wisdom understands that the weather in the four seasons of life - spring, summer, autumn and winter - is a play of air, water, fire (heat) earth in space in time and space. The human mind is the fifth season in life.  Furthermore, the weather in the mind is the various thoughts and feelings that prevail in any particular moment in the human mind. 

The enlightened realise that there are five seasons in life, which are spring, summer, autumn, winter and the mind and, in every season, the fifth season, mind, is present. The enlightened live the waking state in life in every season without conditions.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
These revelations of the wise reveal a new, yet eternal life to mankind. Exhausted by the trivial existence that men and women endure for as long as they are meant to, an existence that is filled with emotional roller-coasters of heights and depths, man may happen to meet an enlightened being on his journey. If we are meant to, each one of us may share the understanding of the wise, gifted in these articles and elsewhere. To live life as it is with patience and acceptance is every man’s birthright.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
The summary of Dr. Shankar's "Fifth Season" series of articles is short and plausible if you have read the articles thoroughly and repeatedly and, if so, understood them: The fifth season in life is the human mind. Nothing can be changed, just as the rain dances and other incantations of the weather deities, which man has performed since primeval times and partly even today, are a superstition and have no effect. However, the rain dances and incantations of the weather god of one's own mind and especially of the minds of others have mostly not yet found an end as long as man is still convinced that he has control over the fifth season, the mind. These incantations usually express themselves in anger and resentment, disputes and discord. Even this superstition will at some point belong to the past for the majority. Today it is only a particularly small minority to whom this clear understanding has happened in everyday life. This minority never argues about the weather in their own or others minds, whatever it may be. This minority are the enlightened ones and they radiate a remarkable peace that is noticeable to those around them who come into contact with it, pointing them to their own potential that will unfold when it is destined to happen. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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