Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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13 December 2019

Fifth Season (3)


You are made up of air, water, fire and earth. You will have thoughts that refer to air, water, fire, earth. Your demands are as hard as earth. Your anger is as fiery as fire. Your emotion when you cry is water,  

You can never say to your wife or your husband or to anybody: is this the manner to speak? Why are you speaking this way to me? You can never say that. Understand that this is how the season of words is happening in his or her mind.  

That understanding is life and the mind. Otherwise, you will say that today it is too hot in the summer for you and that you do not want it. You are going away and that is it. 

Understand that wherever you go, the same summer, which is meant to be, will be there too and you cannot have another type of summer than the summer which is present in the moment.

Similarly, the words which are meant to be spoken will be spoken by you or by anyone and you cannot have some other words to be spoken by you or by anybody, including the manner in which the words are spoken by you or by anyone. 

Understanding gives you an in-depth look into life as to how life manifests outside as well as inside you as thoughts. That just tells you there is no inside, there is no outside at all. 

It rains in your mind when you cry; it is summer in your mind when you are angry; it is winter in your mind when you are cold to others; it is spring in your mind when you are happy and in love,  

It all happens to your body, it all happens in your mind. The particular consistency of every particular season comes into your mind because you are a miniature model of the world. 

Understanding this, the husband will understand the weather of any season in his wife, which is in the moment in her mind. The wife will understand the weather of any season in her husband, which is in the moment in his mind.  

In the morning there is no point in looking at the TV to know the weather for today. Look at your husband or wife and watch the weather in the mind, which is in every moment of the day. 

A wise man and woman understand that the weather in any season in life will pass by and so will the weather in the mind pass by. 

The enlightened realise that life is a play of light and sound and so is any weather in any season in life, including any weather in the mind.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Sophistication in understanding is precisely shown here for those men and women who are drawn to the words of the wise. Man has come to understand the four seasons in his environment and also the unpredictable changes in intensities within each season. He has developed scientific means for anticipating such changes. The understanding that the human mind is the fifth season reveals the reflection of nature’s seasons in man and man’s nature in the four seasons of nature. A remarkable play of light and sound, encompassing both man and nature as one.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
Man desires to change the state of mind of the other or himself! For anger and rage, for example, there are special seminars that are designed to help change these negative feelings. Change when? In the past? No, for the future. But does a human being live in the future in order to be able to change it? Also sadness and boredom, shame, envy and jealousy, all feelings that are perceived as negative by a person should go away quickly and if possible not come back. The conditioned mind always wants only one side of the coin of life, the good, never the bad. If he could change the weather in his mind, he would have done it long ago. But man is not the weather god for his mind! Acceptance of the weather in the mind and trust in life that the weather will change as it is destined to change, as described in this article by Dr. Shankar, has not yet happened to man in most cases. May the weather be well and good to everyone in the mind, but if it is not, then let the umbrella of wisdom be at hand for everyone to protect and be patient with all that is. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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