Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

15 December 2019

Fifth Season (4)


You cannot do anything about any weather in any season because that is how the season is for the moment. Air gives you life, does is not? And air will take away life too when it comes as a hurricane or a tornado in a particular season. 

What is necessary for you in life to live, which makes plants grow and animals live too? Water gives you life, does it not? And water will take away life too when it comes as a flood in a season. 

Floods, hurricane and earthquake happen sometimes in particular seasons as the weather changes and sometimes at home too as the weather in the mind changes. Have you not realised it? Earthquake is when your wife throws a vessel at you. 

When you fight with each other, when you bleed, when you break your hand, your legs, understand it is an earthquake. This is because you are made up of earth just as vegetation and animals are too. Fight is a transformation of an earthquake in a season of the mind in your house. 

Flooding happens in your own house at a particular intensity when you cry, when the weather in the mind changes. Similarly, an avalanche of snow happens at a particular intensity when you are cold to others in your mind. 

If it happens in the seasons outside, it will happen inside in the seasons of the mind. It depends on the perspective of one´s understanding of life. You cannot say, I am a human being. Just saying so and not understanding what you mean by a human being is not enough,  

When you understand the beauty of life, you will say: Oh, my body and thoughts in the mind have the qualities of air, water, fire and earth. Yes, then you will realise the implications of being a human being. 

So you see how futile are the mind´s conditions and beliefs that you are a man, you are a woman. What an illusion. Nobody accepts a man as he is in any moment; nobody accepts a woman as she is in any moment. 

That is why the wise say God resides in you. That is why the wise say you are God because God is outside and inside too. If you understand the wisdom in the wise, you will live life as it is. 

The enlightened live life as it is in any weather in any season in life and in the mind.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
We are familiar with the seasons in nature in all their diverse expressions, both welcome and unwelcome. So familiar are we that they are taken for granted, save when they behave in uncommon degrees of intensity – heatwaves, droughts, wild fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, for example. Familiar too are we with the diversity of emotional intensity in the human mind. In the recognised classification of animate beings, the ‘human being’ has been accepted as the ultimate authority. The existence of divinity has remained a different question until now. In this article, enlightenment reveals a remarkable perspective on understanding life. Not for the first time, man’s unchallenged assumption, passed down through generations, that he may lay claim to being a human being, is being deeply examined. Deep reflection on this examination here is deeply rewarding.
Julian Capper. UK

German Translator‘s Note: 
When we breathe in, air enters our body. Where could the boundary be between our body and the air outside? When we drink, water gets into our stomach and is eventually excreted. The same is the case with the food we eat. When it is hot outside, our body warms up, and it cools down when it is cold outside. Again, there is no boundary, the average two square meters of skin of a person is not an impermeable barrier. Outside and inside are therefore not two different things on closer inspection. Dr. Shankar's wise article concludes this obvious fact by considering the weather outside and the weather inside, in our mind as one. A perspective that makes it clear that man cannot control his thoughts and feelings in the same way that he cannot control the weather outside. The consequences of this insight have been described in detail in Dr. Shankar's work. Peace with oneself and the world, inside and outside, however illusory, is one of the most important aspects to be mentioned. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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