Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

24 May 2020

Free Will (2)

“Pick or Choose”


Free will does not exist, but it is believed as being actual by your brain. Scientists have proved this. Humans are convinced that their brain makes conscious choice as they live their lives. 

But instead, the brain just convinces itself that it makes a free choice from the available options only after the decision is made by the intelligence in life and not by the brain.

Why on earth would the real need an experience? The real has no needs. It is the illusory which needs an experience so that it can blow its trumpet. You are as you are. Observe life, listen to life. Watch the mind interpret life and manifest a drama of free will. 

Then you celebrate your life which has no free will and only then are you alive! There is no other state than admiring nature, which includes you, when you are alive. You admire nature and the mind does not claim free will. 

It is a cause-and-effect-dependent phenomenon which makes you believe in free will. Free will is not related to a cause-and-effect phenomenon, because it is impossible to determine the first cause or the first effect. It all happened to man without his or her free will. 

If you think you can choose what to do, you can choose what to speak and you can choose what to think, due to free will, to result in cause and effect, you cannot choose by free will. This is because it is impossible to determine the first doing, the first speaking and the first thinking. It all happened to man without free will.

The energy in life expresses cause and effect, doing, speaking and thinking in the moment together with the moment as an expression of energy that flows every moment. 

Understand that life simply happens the way it is meant to happen and it does not happen beside the way life happens in any moment. The variety life expresses in any moment is varied in every moment.

Trust will come into you when trust happens to you in life and it will happen if it is meant to happen to you at a precise moment. There is no role in free will for trust to happen in life for life or in the mind for the mind.

The wise understand that trust in life in vital.

The enlightened live life every moment without choice.

Editor’s Note:
Free will, as it is universally understood, is the freedom to make your own choices and determinations, especially those deemed to be worthy and charitable. It is freedom to vote for the candidate you wish to support in the election. It is every citizen’s right of expression and movement, provided that it does not offend the protocol of harmlessness - ahimsa. No, it does not mean that man is free to decide, nor that it is a citizen’s right – obvious perceptions. The wise, supported by the evidence of scientific experimentation presented earlier, reveal that decision is by the intelligence of life prior to man’s awareness that ‘he’ made the decision. Man, however, is conditioned to the unshakeable claim, also by the intelligence of life, that he made the decision in the first place. Thus does life prepare the pathway for man to know who he or she really is. Live life as it happens.
Julian Capper. UK.

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