Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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31th July 2018



Gossip is casual or unconstrained conversation and conversation is done through talking. Gossip, therefore, is talking about reports regarding other people and situations typically involving details, which are not confirmed as true.

Gossip as talking happens through words. This is the case in any language where gossip happens. Gossip happens in the moment wherever and whenever gossip happens in any language.

Gossip, as understood by knowledge, leads to different types of emotions and each type of emotion has its consequence and advantage. Nevertheless, gossip is not taken to be a virtue of social etiquette.

Gossip, as understood by wisdom, keeps the wise without interpretations and without display of any type of emotion towards gossip. So what is the understanding of the wise with wisdom, is the question?

Firstly, wisdom reveals that the moment in which gossip is expressed is not made by man. Wisdom reveals that the moment in life was much before man was in the moment in life.

Secondly, wisdom reveals that whatever is in the moment is manifested by the intelligence in life and not by man, because man does not manifest the moment in life. This signifies that gossip is not manifested by man in the moment.

Thirdly, to manifest anything man needs numerical duration of time. In the moment, however, numerical time is absent. This signifies that it is not possible for man to manifest gossip.

Fourthly, wisdom reveals that within a moment there is only sound. Wisdom also reveals that the sound within the moment appears as illusory words of gossip in the human mind. 

Fifthly, wisdom reveals that what is within the moment cannot be other than what is within the moment. This signifies that nothing other than gossip could be in the moment beside gossip in the moment.

Sixthly, wisdom reveals that gossip happens to man and man does not make gossip happen to him. Nothing beside gossip could ever happen to man in the moment that gossip happens.

Knowledge believes that instead of indulging in gossip man should engage himself in something productive. Since this is not possible, emotions and consequences follow gossip, which is what is possible to happen.

The wise with wisdom, however, understand that talking happens to man and man does not make talking happen to him. They also understand that, apart from gossip, nothing else could happen in the moment.

The enlightened rightly proclaim that the depth of understanding life reflects the quality of talking, albeit illusory. The enlightened, therefore, do not interpret gossip and are free of the emotions that usually follow gossip.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2018

Editor’s Note:
In daily life human beings resort to speech as their customary form of communication. The content may be positive, such as praise; negative, such as criticism; or informative. Gossip, the subject of this article, is a widely used form of speech intended to denigrate or gain an advantage. Emotional disturbance may follow. The depth of understanding of the wise, however, who themselves may be the focus for gossip, reveals its provenance. Their gift is freedom.
Julian Capper, UK.

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