Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD. PhD

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The Netherlands

17th March 2010


“Well Being”


Health is paramount to man and apparently not life, for his mantra is ‘health is wealth’ and not ‘life is wealth’. It is perhaps that he believes life is safe if health is taken care of.


Man further believes that if he takes care of his health he will be able to take care of life. This means the responsibility to take care of his health rests entirely on man’s shoulders, but not on life.


Only man believes that health is wealth, while the animal kingdom, vegetation and nature are unaware of their own health, let alone man’s. Wonder who takes care of the health of animals and vegetation and nature?


Man believes he does when he has the time and this is only as far as husbandry, agriculture and climate is concerned, for his health depends on their well-being. But did man make animal, vegetation or nature? No, he did not, for he knows that they have evolved and sophisticated.


Man is certain the world came first to accommodate what is in it. He believes that he evolved after nature, vegetation and animals did. He also believes he could not have made them and, therefore, cannot determine the exact moment of their evolution and sophistication either.


Man is unique as is everything in the world. This means his health too is unique in any moment. His health is unique for every cell and its constituents change every moment in his body and it is not he who brings about this change.


The moment in which the change happens cannot be determined for life is timeless. Therefore, man cannot look after his health, though he wishes to, for time does not exist in life.


Man is convinced that life happens due to cause and effect. He, therefore, believes sickness can be treated and should be treated to maintain health. He believes regular exercise and diet maintain health.


Evolution and sophistication cannot be controlled by man nor can the evolution and sophistication of world, vegetation, animals and man.


Knowledge too has evolved and sophisticated in man every moment. He does not make knowledge happen to him, though the belief that he has has evolved within him.


Knowledge of any kind, including health, diet, therapy, treatment of any kind and nature have evolved and sophisticated too and are not controlled by man, though he believes they are. The belief too has evolved and sophisticated.


For cause and effect to exist time would be required and the knowledge of time that has happened to man is an attosecond. Any cause or effect that possibly could happen has only the duration of an attosecond in which to happen. An attosecond is one billionth of a billionth of a second.


A cause or an effect that could happen within an attosecond cannot be recognised by the mind or seen by the eyes. Health will happen the way it is meant to happen and man can neither control it nor shape it by therapy, treatment or diet.


What is meant to be digested will be eaten and what is meant to be assimilated will be injected as a process of evolution and sophistication. Every form of therapy and surgery, every known art of medicinal therapy - homeopathic and ayurvedic - will happen if it is meant to happen as a process of evolution and sophistication, and not because of decision or choice, which too happens.


Sickness is merely minimal health and reflects the state of energy at any particular moment, which cannot be controlled by man. Health is what it is at any given moment in life and life looks after not only man’s health every moment, but also that of vegetation, animals and nature.


The world, man, including his health, and everything in it is an optical and auditory illusion illusion of light and sound. The mantra of the wise is ‘Life is Wealth’, for life looks after health.


© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2010



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