Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

12 July 2020

Hear Diverse


It is obvious to every man and woman that they hear diverse sounds in life every moment. Diverse sounds are heard by anyone in nature in every moment. Also diverse sounds are heard by everyone in diverse places in every moment. 

This hearing convinces every man and woman that diverse sounds are heard in every moment in daily life. It is also obvious to every man and woman that their ears only hear sounds in life every moment.

It is obvious to every wise man and woman that a moment is needed for every man and woman to hear sound, because they need a moment not only to be in it and, without the moment, they will neither exist nor be able to hear any sound. It is also obvious to a wise man and woman that vegetation, animals and humans do not make the moment in life.

It is obvious to every wise man and woman that it is the intelligence in life - which is consciousness - that manifests the moment to accommodate man and woman to be in it and also be able to hear sound in the moment.

Now the moment that is present in life is precious because consciousness evolves not only the moment, but also the sound in every moment. Consciousness evolves life continuously every moment and there is particular sound in every moment of life. 

Sound is a precious movement in every moment. Man and woman do not make the movement of sound in the moment because man and woman do not make the moment in life.

The movement of sound moves in only one way and that only way is determined by consciousness present in every moment. It is not determined by man or woman. The only way of sound-movement has evolved in diverse movements and only a single movement of sound is present in every single, diverse moment.

Every man and woman is aware of evolutionary sound-movements that evolve in only one way automatically in every single moment as a particular language. Every man and woman knows intermittently evolutionary sound as language, which they believe they hear.

Man and woman do not make the evolutionary sound-movement which is language that they know because the single moment ‘here and now’ is without cause and so too is sound. This signifies that the evolutionary sound-movement as language within the single moment ‘here and now’ is without cause as well.

Consciousness is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in every moment which is ‘here and now’. We hear whatever the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient consciousness manifests in the moment ‘here and now’ with its sound as language. This is because we are in the moment which is always ‘here and now’, whether we like it or not.

This signifies that the diverse sounds that we hear as language happen in only one way and language is not done by man or woman. But language happens to man and woman by the intelligence in life, which is consciousness, atma or soul.

The wise understand that language in life happens in only one way and no-one makes language happen to him or to her, which is not what everyone understands. The only way sound flows as language signifies that language cannot happen other than how it happens in any moment in life. Therefore, the wise do not blame anyone for what they speak or do not speak, what anyone understands or does not understand in any moment in life.

The wise understand that everyone’s life goes in only one way. This signifies to the wise that life in total goes only in one way, but appears diverse to the human mind. This diverse appearance of sound in life is maya.

The enlightened accept everyone’s life as illusions of light and sound in every moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
What then is man, what then is woman? What then do man and woman seek in their daily life? What then determines their pathway in life? They have no power to change or improve what is in the moment for them - in spite of appearances - for their power for change is illusory. They resort to every effort and even confrontation to secure their own safety and comfort: to no avail. It is as it is, save that they happen to meet a wise man on their way. The wise share their understanding of life, mysterious though it is, for the sake of mankind. Their devotion and commitment to this cannot be measured – it is beginningless and endless. Acceptance and patience, the gifts of the intelligence of life, are offered for every man and woman that has been, is and is yet to be.
Julian Capper. UK

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