Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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10 April 2019



Hearing is a natural instinct and results in words heard. Man, woman and child experience hearing as a phenomenon of listening to words through the ears. Hearing is not experienced by the deaf as hearing is absent in their ears.

Knowledge informs man and woman that what is heard by hearing are real words. Knowledge implies that what is heard by the act of hearing by the ears actually, physically exists outside them.

Knowledge informs man and woman that words heard in their ears due to hearing are real, because man and woman understand that the meaning conveyed by words heard by hearing is real. 

The facts of the meaning in words heard due to hearing are convincing and to knowledge the facts heard are irrefutable. To the wise the facts of knowledge heard are nevertheless refutable.

What is the wisdom of hearing and the heard by the ears is the question?

The wisdom of hearing is sound and words heard by the ears are illusory and not real. Wisdom reveals that only sound-waves enter the ears. Wisdom reveals that sound-waves travel through the auditory nerve to the brain. 

Knowledge informs that every atom of the auditory nerve and brain is light. Wisdom reveals that this knowledge implies that sound-waves are interpreted as words that are heard by the ears due to hearing.

This means that the words heard outside are a thought of sound inside the mind. Wisdom signifies that the words heard outside through the ears are an illusion of sound and not real.

Wisdom reveals that illusory means that words heard through the ears due to hearing are temporary. Wisdom reveals that if words heard by the ears due to hearing were real, the words would be permanent, but no word is permanent on hearing them.

Wisdom further reveals that words heard by hearing are not real but are illusory, because a word is absent in the timeless ‘here and now’ in life. A complete word is also absent in the ‘here and now’ of the mind, because only a letter is present in any moment in the ‘here and now’ of the mind.  This signifies that a complete word due to hearing is illusory and not real.

However, knowledge cannot 'understand that hearing sound is a thought. Knowledge requires proof that hearing is a thought.

Wisdom reveals that you hear words and sounds in a dream. Your physical ears do not hear words or sounds in your dream. This is because ears are shut to hearing, and the bedroom is quiet and it is quiet in your head as well during sleep. The words and sounds in dream are known to the dreamer as thoughts. The dreamer also hears words and various sounds that he hears in daily life as thoughts in a dream. This is proof that sound is a thought.

Wisdom further reveals that thought is an illusion of light as well, because every atom of the brain is light. Knowledge takes hearing for granted. Wisdom is grateful to life for its gift of hearing to man.

The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that daily life is an illusion of light and sound.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Nothing that can be known has permanence. No knowledge is permanent, for the known has a transient existence. Knowledge attracts value and high esteem among men. It is respected as the pinnacle of achievement and may bring huge benefits to mankind, albeit illusory. The understanding of the wise gifted to man in this article regarding words and hearing cannot be taught nor learnt. Understanding may happen gradually, thus releasing the intellect of man from the past, which is dead, and in which he lives out his existence.
Julian Capper, UK.

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