Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

15th July 2017

How (1)

“For granted”


How did the first seed appear in the soil? How does a seed break open in the soil? How does a seed grow as whatever it grows as? How does a seed know how to grow?

How does a plant, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits appear on a plant or a tree? How do edible seeds appear on a plant? How does water appear within a coconut? How does water appear within an orange. 

How do various branches and leaves have their distinct shape and colour? How do various flowers have their distinct shape, colour and aroma? How do various fruits have their distinct shape, colour and taste?

How does water flow up a root? How does a root grow down in the soil? How did soil come about? How did many elements come into the soil? Is there a seed for every element? 

How does air move? How does fire burn? How does water flow? Is there a seed for air, fire and water? How are air, water and heat present in everything that comes from a seed, while a seed does not have anything in it?

How does an animal sperm meet an animal ovum? How does a human sperm meet a human ovum?  How did the first male or the first female animal or human form?

How do birds overcome gravity when they fly? How do animals overcome gravity when they walk or run? How do humans overcome gravity when they walk or run?

How do butterflies fly from one country to another country thousands of miles apart? How do birds migrate from one place to another? How does every insect, for example a fly, get its food to survive?

How does sleep come? How is dream seen? How are words in a dream heard?

How is light and darkness seen in a dream? How does sleep or waking up happen in a dream?

How do senses come? How does growth happen? How does aging happen? How does a moment happen? How does the mind happen? How do thoughts happen.

Humans take everything for granted and do not deeply question how anything happens, including how what they do happens and they do not do it. They only take it for granted that they do it.

It is the intelligence in life that makes everything in life happen and man merely takes it for granted that he knows how to do, speak and think.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017 

Editor’s Note:
Is there a human being alive who does not believe that whatever is available to him or her in their lifetime, including all the faculties, growth and even being alive, will always be available or always be the same? Unlike everything else in nature, man alone has been gifted, in the process of evolution, with the faculty of understanding. Understanding that the intelligence of life makes every moment and everything that is contained within every moment, including doing, speaking and thinking. That doing, speaking and thinking is not done by a man or woman is the beginning of wisdom. Such is gratitude.
Julian Capper

German Translator’s Note: 
Small children begin to ask at a very early age: “How?“ They are curious. And parents are not unwilling to explain them how life functions. However, this is all knowledge in the mind. For everything a cause, a how, is given, albeit illusory. Adults need to understand the How in the mind deeper, in order to be relaxed in life. Dr. Shankar explains beautifully in this article by given many questions and no answer, but a deep understanding. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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