Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

16th April 2017


“Knowledge and Wisdom”


Primitive man’s movements were naturally crude initially, in the initial stages of evolution. Later, as life evolved, primitive man’s movement became refined  naturally.

This understanding implies that even animal movements were naturally crude in the initial stages of evolution. Later, as evolution evolved, animal movements become naturally refined.

That the movements of animals were crude initially implies that the hunting by animals was crude initially as well and later became refined as evolution progressed to refine the hunting by animals.

Animals, of course, did not control evolution, which implies that animals neither made their movements crude nor made them refined. This further implies that hunting, either crude or refined, was not made by animals, but the hunting, either crude or refined, happened to them as a process in evolution. This made animals appear as hunter-gatherers, while they were not, because hunting and gathering happen to them as a natural process of evolution.

The deep understanding of this fact reveals that each movement of the animal and its prey happened precisely as they were meant to happen. When life evolved to synchronize the movement of the animal and the prey, it appears as if the animal hunted its prey, whereas it was a singular movement of the animal and its prey.

This phenomenon indicates that even the animal kingdom neither hunts nor gathers. Even plants get the amount of sunlight from the sun, water from the sky and nutrition from earth that is meant for them to get. This is easy to understand because plants do not move in the evolved manner, like animals or humans move. So every plant and every animal get what they are meant to get. Furthermore, the enlightened say “what is meant to happen only happens“, to imply that an animal and a plant are not the doer and both get what they are   meant to get.

The same phenomenon happened to primitive man and the deception of man as a hunter-gatherer was formed in the illusory mind, while life evolved and synchronized the movement of primitive man and his prey. This implies that primitive man too was not a hunter-gatherer; he got what he was meant to get.

The same phenomenon happens even to this day to modern man. Modern man constantly moves and his movements synchronize with everything that he has and cause the deception that man gets what he intends to have, wishes or wants. 

If he does not get what he wants, wishes or intends, he tries to get it and even the trying is included in his movement and is synchronized with everything he tries with. And the trying will continue until deep understanding of hunter- gatherer happens to him or her.

Therefore, man as a hunter-gatherer is superficial knowledge. When deep knowledge of hunter-gatherer evolves to happen to man, wisdom is revealed. The wisdom that is revealed is that man is neither a hunter-gatherer nor is he a doer; man will get what he is meant to get.

This is exactly what the enlightened have proclaimed: what is meant to happen only happens and that man is not the doer. Life gifts a man, an animal and a plant every moment what he, the animal or the plant is meant to have.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
The grammar of language is defined as ‘the way in which words are put together to form proper sentences.’ Thus the precision of grammatical systems, developed over time, confirms the fact that ‘subject’ and ‘object’ are separate entities in a particular relationship. This definition is confirmation of the assumption that a hunter-gatherer and his prey, for example, become ‘subject’ and ‘object’ in a particular relationship. That this is so would never be denied as the reality in the activity of hunting. This is accurate, grammatical knowledge, albeit illusory. The wisdom of the enlightened, however, reveals that the hunter-gatherer, his movement of hunting and his prey are synchronized as a singular movement. This is a breath-taking revelation – the breath of life.
Julian Capper, U.K

German Translator’s Note: 
Modern man is a hunter and gatherer of money, things and experiences. More often than not, he runs after them as if his life would depend on it. All because he is emerged in the belief, that he is the doer. Businessmen try their best to close the sale, people gather stuff at home ordered online or bought in the shop and they go on a holiday as often as possible. Some, however, prefer not to go on a holiday because they want to earn more or gather more stuff. The article “Hunter Gatherer“ by Dr. Shankar shines a different light on the daily situation: Everything which is meant to be hunted or gathered will come to man or woman, whether they like it or not. And that which is not meant to be attained, will not happen. Relaxed is he or she to whom this understanding happens. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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