Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

6 May 2020

I try, I tried, I am trying (3)

“I believe”

Life is one spider which will not stop spinning its web of illusions. Life is an eternal spider and its web of illusions also contains spirituality, religion, science; you name any subject, it is all there. 

All human emotions, the whole lot is a web of illusions spun by the intelligence in life. Understand why the web is an illusion and then you are clear about it. 

Understand that possessions increased, which life gifted to man and woman. As knowledge of possessions took its ground, more and more gifts also came his way. More and more the concept that you try, have tried and are trying to get it and have got it, was concretely imbedded in man’s mind. 

You cannot dislodge it. That is why you will hear that, if you do not try, you will not get it. The statement is logically real to a human mind. To such a mind, if you state that, things will come to you if they are meant to come, the conditioned mind will not understand. 

You do not understand that even without your trying, things will come to you if they are meant to come to you. It will be impossible for a mind to understand the wisdom of life. 

Man began his journey. Life gifted him in his journey and the gifts came his way. Ego was getting strengthened and strengthened and strengthened. The ego took its ground. It believed that it gets if he tries. 

Man could never understand that whatever he was in contact with was on its own journey as well as to meet him. Even now you do not understand. You include only yourself in the journey of life and exclude what you are in contact with from the journey in life. 

You do not understand that what you are in contact with is also included along with you precisely in the journey of life. You do not understand that what you come in contact with in life cannot be other than what you are in contact with.

Understand that you are attached to the concept of trying. Because you think that you have put so much effort into trying, you are attached to your trying. Understand that effort and trying were a movement that life gifts you in life.  

The wise understand that what is meant to come will come, including effort and trying.

The enlightened realise that life gifts what it is meant to gift in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020 

Editor’s note:
Remember how much as a child you loved illusions? You knew at the time that they were tricks, but you loved them all the same: the Indian rope trick; coins appearing from the back of the hand; the mongoose always defeating the snake.
Then things became a bit serious with age. Gain and loss, success and failure, hope and despair... became realities firmly established in conditioned mind. However, life had more in store for you. You neither tried for this nor did you expect it.
On your journey in life you have happened to meet one whose journey is fulfilled: he  knows who he really is; he understands reality where there is no trying, no expectation, no spiders. Live life as it happens – with gratitude.
Julian Capper. UK

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