Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

15 May 2020

I want (2)

“To have”

Is man or woman controlling the transforming process of life? And everything is transforming. It is not just man that is transforming to become enlightened. Even a table will become enlightened as man or woman. 

You will be enlightened at a precise moment without having to want. It takes longer for a table - so what?  But nevertheless at a precise moment even a table will transform as a man or woman to become enlightened, 

You believe vague points about life in your mind. Vague points about truth. Vague points about enlightenment. If the vague points agree with your knowledge that has evolved as a transformation of sound in the mind, you believe it.

Understand that it is an uncontrollable, transforming process, which means that you are going where you are meant to go. Objects will be where they are meant to be. The animal kingdom is going where they are meant to go. 

You believe that you got the object to yourself because you wanted it. You brought the object to your house. You do not understand that the object is making its journey of transformation without a want. 

You take great pride in taking your son holding your finger for a walk.  Understand that you are taking the objects for a walk as well. You brought the object home. It is in an uncontrollable, transforming process as well. Is there any room for you to want? 

Do you mean to say you got those very things which you have just because you wanted them? It seems like that. But is it? No. They came to you. They came to you so that you may understand that they are just like you. 

Wisdom reveals that both you and everything in life are in an uncontrollable, transforming process. Wisdom reveals that there is no difference between you and the object. 

You are made of the same essence of which an object, animal or vegetation is made up. The essence in the table is the same as your essence. Your structure may be different, but the moment in life is the same for you and everything you have. 

The essence in the table and in you is consciousness/light/intelligence. Consciousness/light/intelligence reflects as everything that exists on earth, including earth, as an illusion of light.

The wise understand that you neither make any moment in life nor the intelligence in life.

The enlightened realise that life happens without a want.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V.S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The reader is being gifted here with the revelations of the wise that unravel, step by step, the mystery of life, of manifestation and of the moment that is. On his journey man meets many beliefs and ideas concerning existence: birth marks the beginning and death the end of life; the after-life - an extension of life; immortality - a deathless state; samsara – it carries forward the imprint of a man’s actions. Man believes that his life is his own life and that he has a right to it. Not so, reveal the wise, for the process of transformation brings all manifestation, animate and inanimate, back to the same source – consciousness. Furthermore, the wise declare that life and death are illusory manifestations of light and sound. Live life as it happens.
Julian Capper. UK

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