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19th September 2017

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The human body needs to be clean inside and outside as well. Therefore, cleaning the body inside and outside is important for the body. It is important because the body will be healthy completely.

If the body is clean outside but not clean inside, there will eventually be ill-health inside. When there is ill-health inside the body and the outside is clean, the body is only partially healthy.

Similarly, with only knowledge in the mind, man or woman’s mind is partially healthy. With both knowledge and wisdom in the mind, man and woman’s mind is completely healthy. 

The outside of the body is kept clean by taking regular baths and cleaning the teeth. This is important because many bacteria grow on the skin and in the mouth and bacteria can lead to ill-health.

There is normally a certain amount of bacteria outside on the skin and in the mouth. When these bacteria become excessive they lead to ill-health. Therefore, the skin and teeth need to be kept clean.

Glucose inside the body gives energy for the body to enable daily activities to be carried out by human beings. When the glucose in the body is in excess beyond what is needed, the excess glucose eventually leads to ill-health in middle age.

Millets grow abundantly in nature and if daily food that is eaten by human beings is millets, it is very beneficial. It is beneficial because millets not only feed the body with energy, but also clean the body inside. 

How millets clean the body inside needs to be understood.

Millets give glucose for energy needs after four or five hours and not immediately. The intelligence in the body senses the need for energy when millets are eaten and begins to supply glucose for energy, until the millets begin to supply glucose for energy.

How the intelligence in the body supplies glucose when millets are eaten needs to be understood.

Firstly, the intelligence in the body utilizes the excessive glucose in the blood for energy and thus not only brings down elevated blood-glucose levels to normal limits, but also makes the blood, thickened by excessive glucose, thin. This brings down the blood pressure as well.

Secondly, glucose from raised cholesterol is utilized for energy needs, thus bringing down elevated cholesterol levels to normal limits. 

Thirdly, the intelligence in the body utilizes glucose from plaques formed in the arteries. When the levels of glucose and cholesterol are within normal limits, the blood is no longer thick and the blood pressure is normal. Health is regained from ill-health.

When the body is clean inside, the intelligence in the body senses the need of energy only after four or five hours. This need for energy is provided by millets. This is how the intelligence in the body not only feeds the body with glucose for daily energy needs, but also cleans the body of excessive glucose and cholesterol at the same time and correct ill-health. The high fibre content of millets also absorbs all the toxins in the body.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
Dr Shankar has generously and precisely set out in this article the natural system regulated by the intelligence in the body, not only to maintain good health, but also to restore the natural balance of the body when necessary. The same intelligence maintains the natural balance in the mind. This natural system is gifted to all human beings without exception. Understanding this is the beginning of wisdom.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
In many seminaries health for body and mind and soul are propagated. The healthcare industry is huge.www.academy-advaita.com is not part of this industry. Dr. Shankar shares with humanity for free what is beneficial for body and mind alike. The understanding of millets is a significant part of the wisdom gifted by life through Dr. Shankar, worldwide available in the www. Body and mind are both a reflection of soul, which is light. This understanding is wisdom and makes man and woman whole and complete and healthy. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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