Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

21th September 2017

Intelligence 8 



Food that humans eat is proteins, carbohydrates and fat. However, it is important that one should ponder how the proteins, carbohydrates and fat ever came to exist on earth? 

History informs that matter and vegetation existed first on earth. Later on the animal kingdom and humans came to exist on earth. Therefore, one should ponder how did matter and vegetation come to exist on earth? 

The intelligence in life has manifested sunlight and science. Both sunlight and science give clues as to how the intelligence in life manifested matter and vegetation to exist in and on earth.

The intelligence in life as intellect informs through science to man and woman that every atom of matter is not matter, but every atom of matter is light. This implies that matter is an illusion of light. 

The intelligence in life as intellect through science informs man and woman that every matter contains air, water and fire as heat in it. As every atom of matter is light, it implies that light mysteriously manifests as air, water and fire as heat. 

The intelligence in life as sun-light, therefore, manifested air, water and heat as earth. Therefore, the air, water and fire in earth manifest as matter in and on earth.  

This also implies that air, water and heat manifested as the first seed of vegetation. This further signifies that the intelligence in life manifested air, water and heat as an animal seed as well to generate more vegetation.

The intelligence in life through science informs that vegetation utilizes carbon-dioxide, water and sunlight to sustain themselves. Vegetation in turn generates and gives out oxygen as it utilizes carbon-dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight.  

The oxygen generated by vegetation is used by the animal kingdom to survive. The animal kingdom does need oxygen to survive. The animal kingdom takes in oxygen given by vegetation to survive and breathes out carbon-dioxide.

The carbon-dioxide breathed out by animals is absorbed by vegetation for their own survival. Later on, as the intelligence in life evolved evolution, the first human seed too evolved.

This implies that human beings too were manifested from sunlight as air, water and fire. This is evident because every matter of human beings contains air, water and fire as heat and every atom of a human being is light and not matter of a human being.

The significance of sunlight is that the intelligence in life makes vegetation breathe to keep humans and animals alive, and humans and animals breathe to keep vegetation alive.

Similarly, the intelligence in life manifests opposites in the human mind, which gives life for duality to exist as words in the human mind. The intelligence in life informs man and woman through science that words are an illusion of light. The only light that man experiences is sun-light.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
Words draw their energy and power of revelation from the light of wisdom gifted by the deep understanding of enlightened beings. This detailed exposition of life’s evolutionary path is the guide for the journey of every human being that has been, is and is yet to be. Understanding that the simplicity of this path is the birth right of every human being is the beginning of wisdom - a life in balance. 
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
Life is one and every detail is an expression of the one life. This is obvious for the wise as in this article by Dr. Shankar. Life manifests itself as opposites such as oxygen and carbon-dioxide working together complementarily. Such is the intelligence in life to grow food for human beings.  Understanding this means to be grateful to life for every moment of this miracle. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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