Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

9th November 2016


“Minimum to maximum”


Intensity in life is the truth if the feature of intensity were universally present in every moment of daily life. As life is varied it is obvious that the intensity of the universal feature has to be varied.

The varied intensity of a feature that is universally present in every aspect of daily life is light, because sunlight with its varied intensity is essential for life to exist and thrive.

Also, every atom with its varied intensity in whatever that exists, which includes matter, vegetation, animal kingdom and humans is light. The feature of light is present in the varied physical and non-physical aspects of daily life.

The varied intensity of light projects a holographic phenomenon that has varied labels that describe independently existing real, physical and non-physical aspects of daily life. 

A non-physical aspect of daily life that light reflects is understanding. The minimum intensity of the aspect understanding is ignorance and ranges from knowledge to the maximum intensity, which is wisdom. 

To knowledge intensity means the measurable amount of a property, such as force and brightness. To wisdom, however, intensity of light indicates that the force of light and its brightness reflect the physical and non-physical aspects of daily life.

The physical aspects are form, shape and consistency as every atom of form, shape and consistency is nevertheless the universal feature light. Wisdom indicates that form, shape and consistency are optical, holographic illusions of the varied intensities of the universal feature light.

The non-physical aspects of daily life are thoughts of form, shape, smell, taste and feelings. Wisdom indicates that thoughts of form, shape, smell, taste and feelings are auditory illusions of the varied intensities of the universal feature light.

The enlightened have indicated that daily life is a play of light and sound to imply that life is illusory and not real. The intensity of understanding, which is wisdom, points to the fact indicated by the enlightened, but, for the intensity of understanding as knowledge, it is difficult to understand that life is a play of light and sound, meaning that life is illusory and not real. Knowledge believes that daily life is real, while wisdom realises that daily life is not real.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2016

Editor’s Note:
Nothing is left to chance in this remarkable, analytical insight into reality and non-reality. Every atom in this story of life is in its proper place and measure, not by the ingenuity or genius of man, but in the natural dimension of light. Wisdom is here revealing to man his own reality and loosening the chains of controlled thinking, which is life’s gift to man is his journey towards the intensity of understanding - wisdom.
Julian Capper, U.K

German Translator’s Note:
Variation in intensity is the foundation of the ego. The ego wants only one end of a wide range of intensity in daily life, for example high instead of low or vice versa, and so the impression of right and wrong arises. However, right and wrong are truly only an imagination in the mind, because the range of intensity is in fact non-dual and not dual. This article reveals the fundamental ground of what intensity is: just light. So the duality of high and low is one and the same: a play of light – and sound as reflected by words and meanings in the human mind. The intelligence of life can only be admired with this understanding of the wise. The ego and its wish and concern about one part of duality only, in countless variations throughout the waking state, is revealed to be always living in illusion only and not in reality. Thank you Dr. Shankar, once again!
Marcus Stegmaier, Deutschland

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