Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

27th April 2017


“Complain and Argue”

An important part of every day are the issues of the day. Every man and woman is overcome by their importance which compels them to face the issues with the best of their ability.

Everyone believes that issues of daily life are to be dealt with correctly. If not, there would be more issues that would need to be dealt with. If not, daily life would not be harmonious.

Issues are present in every aspect of daily life: in the place of work, between family members, between friends and in society. Everyone also believes in a correct way of dealing with issues which he or she thinks needs to be done. This is the truth for him or her.

Everyone also believes that when issues are dealt with correctly, there will be harmony in daily life, because when issues are not dealt with correctly, it makes a man or a woman complain and argue.

There are, however, many people and every belief of an issue is the truth to him or her. There may be similarities in dealing with issues, but nevertheless there are contradictions or alternate opinions of the way to deal with everyday issues.

Neither similar beliefs nor alternate beliefs of how to deal with everyday issues have prevented everyday issues from reoccurring. Everyday issues have been happening to man or woman since aeons of time and they have not been prevented by the beliefs that each one has. 

So what could the understanding of issues be that would enable a man or a woman to live life harmoniously needs to be pondered deeply by every man and woman.

Firstly, issues happen in daily life without a man or a woman making them, though it may appear that an issue is made by a man or by a woman. This is because the first issue to a man or to a woman in the moment evolved as a natural process of evolution and the first man or woman did not make the issue, because man does not make the moment in life.

Secondly, as evolution is a continuous spontaneous process it implies that even to the present day issues happen to a man or a woman the way they are meant to happen, and neither man nor woman make an issue happen, though it appears that they do. 

Thirdly, a moment in life is precise and whatever a moment contains is precise as well. This implies that an issue will happen precisely the way it is meant to happen, which indicates that an issue in daily life will work itself out the way it is meant to work itself out.

When this understanding happens to a man or to a woman, they would not complain or argue in daily life. They become patient and accept life as it happens, just as the enlightened beings.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
Men and women seem to thrive on the presence of issues in their daily life.
The energy available to resolve issues and the issues themselves are gifts of life, for neither the energy nor the issue is created by man. Understanding that this is so is the gift of the wise, giving rise to man as the witness of what unfolds.
Julian Capper, U.K

German Translator’s Note: 
Daily life issues keep everybody occupied. It seems that issues even help to overcome boredom. However, if honesty prevails, nobody would really keep the issues going. That it is important to say what we don’t like, is not questioned. The point is, how much we insist in how, when and by whom anything has to be done. The ego wants it done “My way“, meaning the other has to do it “my way“ and not “his or her way“. The wise share an understanding that life always happens “life’s way“. This is the end of real issues in daily life. Illusory issues are taken relaxed as they are meant to come. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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