Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands
10th January 2015

Life a Singular Movement

Life is light because every atom of life is light. Light and life are precise because neither life nor light has a cause. Light and life are what they are. There is no cause for life or light to be what it is, meaning that life and light are precise as they are.

Light is precise, and it is evident by what an illusionist-painter and a magician can do. As every atom of life is light, it only means that everything in life is an illusory reflection of light. An illusionist-painter and a magician by a painting or by an act make an illusion appear real. The illusion is possible because the painting or the magical act is precise, and it would not be illusory if it were not precise. The illusionist-painting and a magic act are illusory, because every atom of paint and man is light and light is precise.

Life is precise too, and it is evident that life is precise because every moment happens continuously, spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably, without an interval between moments. Literally, the continuous ‘moment’ is the continuous ‘now’ to indicate the present. Graphically, the continuous ‘mommeeeeeennnnnnt’ is the continuous ‘nooooooowwwww’ or the present. They are synonyms. Both the ‘now’ and the ‘moment’, meaning the ‘present’, are literally a ‘singular movement’ or, graphically, a singular ‘mooovvveeeeemment.’

That the present is a singular movement is a clue that life gifts to man to understand that life is a singular movement as well. It is, however, difficult for the limited mind to understand the present as a singular movement, because man thinks that the body is not moving all the time in the present. This is because man is sometimes resting, sitting or sleeping and he thinks the body is not moving during this period. Nevertheless, the body is moving in the present every moment. How is the body moving all the time?

The human sperm and the human ovum move every moment. This movement is present as growth in the mother’s womb, and continues as growth after birth. Growth never stops when man is resting, sitting or sleeping. The growth process is a movement which the human mind cannot see, but nevertheless is present.

The growth process is precise and so too the movements of the body are precise whenever they happen. The human mind registers and recognises these movements as illusory actions, because growth is all there is as a continuous singular movement.

This continuous, singular movement of growth in nature leads to form; for example a flower, or a ripe fruit. Man is not separate from nature, so the continuous, singular movement of man’s body forms an action. An action, however, is not separate from the next to make it an action. An action is illusory and not real, but appears real to the conditioned mind.

The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that what is meant to happen will happen to indicate that life indeed is a singular movement and not a sum of actions, and man cannot change the singular movement.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar

© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014

Editor’s Note:

Further gifts of understanding from life are presented in this article through the wisdom of Dr Shankar and those respected as the enlightened. There can be no difference present between Dr Shankar and the enlightened. In his illusory form as man, which is a reflection of light itself, man is growing in understanding his true nature: What am I? This growth is the continuous stream of life, the eternal movement of each and every moment – not visible, however, to the eye of man, for there is no delay or stop in life. What a wonder that the window of understanding is being opened so that the proclamation of the enlightened may be understood. Such gratitude.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator’s Note:

Did we ever think seriously about the simple fact that a sperm and an ovum move constantly, before they become a baby which also just moves. And that, if all is a continuous, singular movement, the boundaries between this and that have to be illusory and not real. And if the boundaries are not real, how would man ever be able to fulfill a movement on his own accord, which the mind calls an action done by man? A profound article which not just states that man is not the doer, but explains how the illusion is created by life’s singular movement!
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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