Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14 April 2018

Life Gives 2


Life gives precisely what it is meant to give, whether man likes it or not. Life precisely gives every moment as well, whether man likes it or not. Life precisely gives a moment so that man could be in the moment, whether man likes it or not. 

Man does not give any moment in life or to life. Life neither has any likes nor dislikes. Only man and woman have likes and dislikes, whether he or she likes it or not.

Life gives to vegetation, fruits and animals what they are meant to have in every moment, which reflects their nature, whether they like it or not. This is because vegetation, fruits and animals do not make any moment in life.

If vegetation, fruits and animals could make any moment in life, they could very well have the nature they need to have and not the nature they are meant to have.  That every moment is precise signifies that vegetation, fruits and animals, in any moment, cannot have the nature besides the nature given by life in the moment.

The nature of any vegetation and fruit is the consistency, colour, shape, taste and smell that they have. This signifies that the nature of any vegetation and fruit in any moment is what is given by life in the moment. The nature of animals is their behaviour in any moment that is given to them by life.

Similarly, every man, woman and child is given the nature which they are meant to have in life at any moment by life. The nature of man, woman or child in any moment is inferred by the action they do, words that they speak or the thoughts that they have in the moment.

If a man, woman or a child were able to make a moment, they could very well be able to do any action, speak any word or have any thought that they need, wish or want to have in any moment.

But a man, woman or child, however, does not make any moment in life. The moment in life is already given by life to accommodate vegetation, fruits and animals much before man, woman or child were given the moment in which to be. 

Therefore, whatever nature a man, a woman and a child have in any given moment in daily life is given to them by the intelligence in life.It is not made by a man or a woman or a child by themselves.

The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that man has what he is meant to have. This signifies that the nature a man, a woman or a child has in any moment is the nature that they will have and they cannot have any nature beside the one given by life in the moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
©Copyright V. S. Shankar 2018

Editor’s Note:
Whatever life gives to each man, woman and child in their daily life is meant for that man, woman and child. Thus, whatever is given by life may also be taken away by life. As the enlightened proclaim, each and every one of us, in our daily life, has what we are meant to have, including our own particular nature. No man can make the moment nor whatever happens within it. Life in the moment is the moment itself – eternal. In our daily life you and I live in that moment. We are what we are meant to be with what we are meant to have – there is no other way, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be. Understanding this is the dawning of wisdom.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator‘s Note: 
Family planning is what is called when men and women want to have children and when and how many children they want to have. Family planning is done with the spouse, parents, friends, and other relatives. Although it appears that the woman who has children decides on a pregnancy, the others are either called to participate in the discussion or interfere with the topic without being asked. Recommendations are given about the right time to get pregnant, the number of children in a family or the right age gap between the children. It is particularly common to comment on the ability of the mother to cope with so many children or to be "overwhelmed". That the mother may simply lack the necessary support is seldom considered when assessing the mother's abilities on the basis of what a mother should "be able to afford." The drama of "overburdening" and "good mother - bad mother" and how much support would be appropriate or exaggerated, where this support comes from and who should do it, becomes totally illusory by the understanding that Dr. Shankar is shared: Life gives children to humans precisely when and how many each mother is destined to receive. And life gives each mother precise support to give the child precisely what the child is precisely destined for life. Man plans vaguely and life gives precisely. And even the drama of family planning is precisely given to humans in the form of illusionary thoughts.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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