Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

12th June 2014



Life is Precise


Man and woman love to be precise in whatever they do. Though they know it is not possible all the time, they nevertheless wish to be precise every time. Behaviour is the most important aspect of being precise, because behaviour is either an action, word or thought. Man and woman want, wish and hope that each behaves as he or she is expected to behave, meaning that their behaviour has to be precise according to norms and values of marriage and society.


Nevertheless, despite the presence of marriage-vows and ideals, moral values, education, family, religion and social binding, a precise, expected behaviour is never the case always. Behaviour seems to have a mind of its own. So how does man come to terms with this conundrum?


Spirituality adds a further burden by preaching that each has to embrace the other as he or she is and not as how he or she is expected to be. This spiritual binding gives rise to behaviour and not genuine living. In this situation each accepts the other as he or she is, though wishing they were not so, but were according to what they believe and expect.


It is important to understand this conundrum. A painter-illusionist and a magician can by a painting or an act make an illusion appear real. This is possible because the painting or the magical act is precise, and it would not be illusory if it were not precise. This is a clue that life gifts man to understand that, if the world, man and mind were illusory, they need to be precise. Light is precise, therefore the world, man and mind, though they appear real, are nevertheless illusory. The world, man and mind are illusory as proclaimed by the enlightened and validated by scientific logic and reasoning, which means that every act, word or thought is precise where it is meant to be.


By this understanding man would not only be able to accept himself as he is in every moment, meaning his behaviour, he would also be able to accept the other as he or she is in every moment, meaning behaviour.


Life is light and light is precise because light has no cause. Light and life is what it is, as there is no cause for it to be what it is, which is precise.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
There is scarcely one of us who is not convinced in his or her waking hours that the whole world with its all subtle and gross manifestations is real. It is real, it is reality in every minute detail – of course it is. In spite of this the enlightened ones have declared that it is all illusion. How come? Dr Shankar, with deep understanding, reveals that precision that lies at the heart of this declaration. There is no accident or chance at work in our illusory world. None. It is as it is – thankfully.

Julian Capper. U.K.


Dutch translator’s note:

It is said that one can only accept the other if one can accept himself. But how can we accept ourselves if we are convinced that our behaviour should be according to the prevailing norms and values and we obviously cannot control our behaviour at every moment. Pretending to accept yourself or the other doesn’t get you anywhere. The pain, shame and blame will continue to exist. In this article it is proofed that everything in life is precise, also the behaviour we reject. Understanding that life is precise, makes it possible to really accept ourselves and the other and simply to be as we are.

Paula Smit, the Netherlands




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