Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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24 March 2019

Meditation (2)


The knowledge of meditation implies contemplation. Knowledge informs that meditation, meaning contemplation, is done in the moment by a man or by a woman.

Knowledge of meditation assures man and woman that doing meditation brings peace to the individual and constant practice further helps in bringing not only peace, but also enlightenment to the individual.

Man and woman, who do meditation, know that they are peaceful as long as they are meditating and are not peaceful at all times in daily life when they are not meditating or forget to meditate. 

Knowledge informs that man and woman will be peaceful at all times if they continue to do meditation for a longer period of time every day for many days. This knowledge gives hope to man and woman and they continue doing meditation.

Wisdom of meditation, on the other hand, keeps man and woman at peace in every moment of daily life, no matter what happens in daily life, whether they do or do not do meditation or forget to do meditation.

What is the wisdom of meditation is the question? The wisdom of meditation is the moment in daily life, because meditation is done in the moment in life.

Wisdom reveals that a moment in life is followed by the next and in between each moment is moment as well. This implies that the moment in life is eternal, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Wisdom reveals that man does not make any moment in life, because the moment in life was much before man was in the moment in life. Wisdom reveals that the intelligence in life manifested the moment with vegetation and animals initially and later manifested man in the moment along with vegetation and animals.

Wisdom reveals that every moment in life is precise, because moment in life is neither late nor early. Wisdom signifies that what is within the moment is precise and cannot be other than what is within the moment.

Wisdom of meditation or contemplation reveals that every moment precisely has within it what the moment is meant to have, albeit illusory. Wisdom of meditation or contemplation reveals that witnessing what happens in life in every moment is meditation.

Wisdom of meditation reveals that witnessing everything that happens in daily life is meditation and that meditation is not merely exclusive contemplation. Meditation includes contemplation that everything happens in daily life, including exclusive meditation in the singular movement of life. 

Wisdom of meditation reveals that meditation is not done by man and woman. That man and woman do and are doing meditation is an illusory appearance of a singular movement of life in the mind of the meditator.

Wisdom of meditation reveals the knowledge that man does meditation and that ‘must-do’ meditation prevents wise meditation and wise contemplation that every moment happens, which keeps man and woman at peace every moment in daily life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s note:
The editor is privileged to share insights into the essence of this article whilst in the company of its author. The context was that of chauffeur and passenger. ‘Where are you living now?’ asked Dr Shankar suddenly as we approached the car. As the home address was about to be given, ‘where your feet touch the ground’ was the answer. Then, as the car was being driven along white lines on the road, precise and illuminating details about the lines were being gifted. As the chauffeur struggled to find a parking space in central London, his passenger encouraged him to keep going until we reached a space hidden from view. It was actually beside the destination. Understanding the wisdom of meditation is the balm for humanity.
Julian Capper, UK

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