Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

11th August 2017




Meeting one another who you do know or do not know, or meeting a group who you do know or do not know is a social phenomenon that occurs every day. It might be a direct meeting or through a smart phone or even through a computer a meeting happens with those you do not know at all. 

Meeting those you do know or meeting others who you do not know, but do come to know, is taken for granted.  You believe that meeting those you know is because you know them.

You also believe that meeting those you do not know, but come to know, is because the meeting is accidental or suggested.  This is accepted by everyone because it is logical.

How we meet those we know and how we meet those we do not know, but come to know, needs to be deeply understood. 

Any meeting is either harmonious or not harmonious for various reasons, even the meeting between friends, between kith and kin, family and even those who are in love.

What could the deep understanding of meeting be that would make any meeting only harmonious needs to be understood?

Meeting between brothers and sisters happens because they grow up together. Their first meeting was neither planned nor determined nor caused. Several times meeting does happen, but meetings are not due to a cause. This is because the first meeting could neither be caused nor planned. 

The clue to this understanding is the first man on earth. The first man on earth was neither caused nor planned by him or by others. The first man on earth met another human being without causing the meeting or planning the meeting.

Humans, as they evolved, met each other without causing or planning the meeting. The mystery of meeting is that it appears that it is caused and can be planned as well. But this is not the deep truth of meeting.

When man understands that he or she will meet another who he or she is meant to meet, every meeting will be harmonious. This is because whatever the other might say or do cannot be any other than what is said or done.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
Whilst his own understanding matures and deepens in the due process of evolution, man has recourse to mind that is conditioned to planning and believing, to anticipating and doubting, to applauding and criticising. Man’s ways are mysterious, however, for he lives every moment of his or her life in the unpredictable, spontaneous and mysterious moment of life. There is no other way, no other moment, no other life. It is as it is. Such is the deep understanding of the wise that is gifted in this article. Meeting with such a man happens mysteriously.
Julian Capper

German Translator’s Note: 
To meet a wise human being in life is the most precious gift of life! It opens the door to enlightenment and enables to meet life every moment instead of the conditioned mind. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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