Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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The Netherlands

30th December 2014



Miracle is the Mystery


‘Every letter of the alphabet in any language is phonetic, meaning a letter is a sound. The phonetic of a letter does not have an opposite, meaning there are no opposites of a particular sound of a letter.


A word is made up of letters, and letters in a word are a collection of phonetics, meaning a word is a collection of sounds of letters. The collection of phonetics or sounds of letters appear as a REAL word or words to the human mind. Therefore, a word or words are an illusory appearance of a sound or sounds and are neither a REAL word nor real words.


A sentence is made up of words and words that form a sentence are a collection of phonetics, meaning a sentence is a collection of sounds of words. The collection of phonetics or sounds of words appears as a REAL sentence or sentences to the human mind. Therefore, a sentence or sentences are an illusory appearance of sounds and are neither a REAL sentence nor real sentences.


A word, words, sentence or sentences form a title or titles, a language or languages, a quote or quotes, a belief or beliefs, an action or actions, an event or events, a circumstance or circumstances, knowledge: spiritual or scientific, a culture or cultures, a tradition or traditions and a religion or religions. Therefore, every kind and branch of knowledge is an illusory appearance of sounds and not REAL knowledge.


A real remains the same without changing, but everything that is real to the mind changes. Scientific knowledge, which is a collection of sounds, informs that every atom of the real is light. Therefore, the real is an illusory appearance of light and not real.


The enlightened have proclaimed that life is a miracle and a mysterious play of light and sound. It is quite evident that life indeed is a play of light and sound. And light and sound mysteriously appear as a miracle. The miracle is life. It is difficult for the intellect within the conditioned human mind to comprehend the intelligence of light and sound.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
Just as the grammar of language was revealed to the minds of men and women through the words of scholars, and has enabled communication at many levels in their communities, so the grammar of life is being revealed in these articles through the sounds as words of an enlightened being, Dr. Shankar. It is an unstoppable flow that appeals to those men and women in whom understanding is being born. This is the respected tradition of the wise.
Julian Capper. UK.


German Translator’s Note:

It is (and will remain) a miracle how, at school, children learn the grammar of a new language. It is believed that knowledge of grammar is needed to understand and speak a foreign language, and it is needed, but not as real only as an illusion. The first language every child learns, has begun to be spoken without any grammar instruction. A mysterious flow of sounds called phonetics in the grammar books, is precisely manifested by life to make every man and woman believe that language happens due to grammar, however language is nothing but sound forming an illusory grammar. If a particular sound, as part of a word, had an opposite, sound would have grammar, but only a word has an opposite, not a sound, therefore grammar is illusory, only appearing real within the cosmos of words, not in life. What a miracle, how mysterious life is! Thank you Dr. Shankar for this insightful article, once more.

Marcus Stegmaier. Germany



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