Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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11 September 2019

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“Mind’s Hunger”


More knowledge guarantees man the comforts of life - and so it is believed. But no matter how knowledgeable man has become from the time the first thought entered his mind, he is not happy - far from it. 

So what other knowledge or how much more would be required for him to be happy in every moment? After all, happiness is what the word ‘more’ promises. In every generation, whatever man knew was more for that particular generation; yet no generation has rendered man happy in every moment.  

And what guarantee is there that some more knowledge would usher in the world of happiness that man so desires? No matter how much man possesses, he is no different from a man who has less. Anger is present in man who has more; the anger is in fact ‘more’ too. 

Man gets upset, depressed and feels lost if he loses some part or parts of the ‘more’ he has come to have. If more were real, how could it become less? But it surely does and so man thinks. 

Little does man remember that he came into this world empty-handed and, if he has anything, however little it may be, it is more than being empty-handed. Life has been giving man every moment and that is more as it is.

Life has sophisticated tremendously so far and the process of sophistication is eternal: man can only wonder at the shape of things to come. But, no matter what, the world will always be illusory, for the world cannot become real just because of sophistication.

Life gradually progressed from primitive living and sophisticated into more societies; family-life took shape and the mind followed suit. Into every generation life instilled the desire to have more and this has progressed as materialism in present-day man. Life will continue to do so eternally. 

Life is very intelligent and, though it is the giver and the taker, it has made man believe that he, as an individual, can take and can also give. Life has manifested God as a thought in the mind, whom man thinks he can approach to have more of anything that he wants. In a way this keeps him in relationship with God as the almighty. Pray more to get more is the spirit of the game called ‘have more.’ Little has man wondered if he ever had less.

Wisdom reveals that every moment contains the five elements air, water, heat (fire) and earth in time and space. Wisdom reveals that the five elements evolve as what is present in any moment.

Wisdom reveals that what is present in any moment in life cannot be more or less than what is present in a particular moment. Wisdom reveals that man neither makes any moment in life nor the five elements air, water, heat, earth, time and space. 

The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that man is not the doer and that man will have what he is meant to have and no force on earth can stop it.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Imagination of more, desire for more and prayer for more have no beginning and no end for they have no existence, save as an illusion. Thus, they have an eternal non-existence. What an irony of life! How intelligent! In their compassion for human welfare, the enlightened shine their light of understanding through these articles gifted by Dr Shankar and elsewhere. This light is eternal for those who seek and for those who find the path to realising their true nature.
Julian Capper, UK

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