Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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12 September 2019

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“Mind’s Hunger”


What right has man to demand more? Is being man the qualification required to deserve ‘more’? Has man invented life that he feels he deserves ‘more’ from it? If man has manifested life and the world, then the argument would be justifiable. But he has not done so and, therefore, every moment in life is a stroke of luck, if not anything else. Man gets so much and that even without asking or deserving it. 

This belief further convinces man as the doer because, when he cannot get what he wants, he can always ask for divine help. Even the prayer and the request convince him as the doer. He is yet to understand that thinking, speaking and the doing happen to man and he does not bring them about.

Why has life made such a world happen? The world is what it is and it is so, but not for any man. The enlightened being becomes life and realises the illusory nature of the world, man and mind. The enlightened being is not a man - he is life itself.

What is meant to come to you will come. It has always been so and will always be so. It is the maxim of life; it is life for what it is. What you have has come to you and you have not got it. It has come to you in a mysterious way which is beyond logic, rhyme or reason. By understanding this man transcends into life.

No man is greedy and there is no point in thinking that one is. Man is not materialistic in the real sense of the term. Greed reflects the state of energy that is for the moment. Greed happens so that man may understand that he is not the doer. Greed reflects man as an individual so that he may understand that he is not. Life teaches every moment that it makes life and all that is in it, including thoughts - and it is not man who makes them. 

Anything and everything in this world is in relation with each other and this relationship is in a singular flow. So, anything that man has with him is meant to come to him. Man is a caretaker in its journey. The journey is singular and not separate from each other. This is one of the many meanings of oneness of life. If this understanding happens to man, he will begin to respect and admire life for its intelligence. 

Whatever you may have in terms of thoughts and possessions, whatever may be the content of speech and whatever you may come to do is precise and perfect beyond right or wrong for the moment. Man believes that what he has in any moment is not enough and, therefore, he seeks more. Understand that ‘more’ is less than much more, while much more is less and not enough for man.

The enlightened are content in every moment and content with what the moment has within it.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
True speech is silence and silence is true speech. True teacher is life and life is true teacher. True understanding is contentment and contentment is true understanding.
Be it so; it is so.
Julian Capper, UK

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