Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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25 November 2017


“Unconditional Love”

A mother is the greatest gift from God to her husband and to her children. Who a mother is needs to be understood wisely because a wise mother brings peace and harmony in the house.

Every girl born grows up from a teenage girl to a young lady and later as a mature woman. A mature woman wishes, wants and desires to get married and be married. She dreams of marriage to have children and raising her family.

Marriage is usually taken for granted. A woman needs to understand that she not only marries a man, she also marries his mind. If the man she marries is mature and understands life deeply and his wife’s mind as well, he does not separate from his wife.

If the man she marries understands life only superficially, she may not remain married, though she wishes to remain married. Therefore, every woman must consider herself fortunate and be grateful to God for providing her a husband who has deep understanding of life and her mind as well.

Firstly, it is important to understand that when a child, either as a boy or a girl, is born, at the same time even a mother is born. The woman from a child, teenage girl, a young lady becomes a mother once she gives birth to a child.

Therefore, by the birth of a child two living beings are born: one a child and the other a mother. Therefore, at birth, two precious individuals are born, one is a new-born child and the other is a new-born mother.

A mother can be wise or can have beliefs of husband and children as knowledge. A mother with her own beliefs demands and insists to have her way in the house. This leads to disharmony in the house with undesirable consequences in her family.

A mother, who only has her own beliefs of marriage, does not understand that her husband and her children are not only gifts from life to her, but are also created by God just for her.

A wise mother, on the other hand, not only understands that her husband, her children and her house is a gift from life to her, but also that they all are manifested by life just for her. A wise mother, therefore, respects the gifts of life and is extremely grateful to life for manifesting them for her

Therefore, a wise mother loves her husband and her children unconditionally. She takes care of them unconditionally. She never demands or insists on anything from her children or from her daughter-in-law or from her son-in-law.

She only explains with love every issue that concerns any member of her family with unconditional love. A wise mother understands that unconditional love, care and concern bring peace and harmony in the house every moment of the day.

A mother, who insists and demands from her husband and children to get things done her way in the house, amounts to not being grateful to life. Her prayers to God, if she does pray, never reach God.

A wise mother understands that unconditional love to her children and her family in her house, is the best gratitude to life.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2017

Editor’s Note:
The intelligence of life grants life without condition to every creature that is born. There are no exceptions to this. In the evolutionary process of a human life, however, conditions may develop that determine the quality and outcome of relationships. Yet, there is not one of us who does not cherish the love and guidance of mother in our family. The understanding of the wise, as gifted in this article, is a wonderful gift for every family to share.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator's Note: 
A mother is the heart of the family. Every child needs the mother to grow up happily. Oftenly mothers have so much work at home and sometimes outside the house too, to earn some money which is needed for the family‘s income. Therefore there are many situations in which a mother has too much to do at once. No wonder that she is need of help and, if she does not get the help, she wants things done her way. But this is not the situation Dr. Shankar refers to in the article “Mother“. The need to have things done “my way“ is a common conditioning of the mind. It signifies a lack of patience and love. If it is recognised as a play of the ego, and nothing wrong with the ego in the first place, the need to get things done “my way“ can transform into openness for life, meaning that things happen always in “life‘s way“. This understanding is wisdom, this understanding is love. And as Dr. Shankar often states, the depth of understanding reflects the actions, words and thoughts of the individual, albeit illusory. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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