Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

14th May 2016



Humans observe instinctively. Observation is a natural characteristic of life. Other living species live instinctively. Man observes as a result of evolution of identity as an individual. 

Observation helps man to identify and to conclude. To identify and to conclude happens due to evolution of human intellect and understanding. Understanding too evolves either as knowledge or wisdom. 

Knowledge helps man through observation to determine what is happening and why does it happen. The identification and conclusion are supported by logic and reason.

Now, what it is that distinguishes knowledge from wisdom regarding what and why needs to be pondered wisely.

Observe, to knowledge, also means to witness. Man believes that he observes and witnesses as well what happens because he can identify and also why it happens because he concludes with reason and logic. Conclusion, due to knowledge, results in a reaction, which may be pleasant or unpleasant.

But what distinguishes wisdom from knowledge is: The wise identify what happens and do not react, but only respond to it, because they do not conclude. The response is a deeper understanding of what happens. 

The deeper understanding of what happens is that something always happens in life and you cannot question life why it happens. The wise understanding is that you can identify what happens, but you cannot question why it happens.

Therefore, to the wise, observe means witness what happens and not conclude why it happens. The wise understand that what is meant to happen will happen and no force on earth can stop it from happening. Likewise, they understand that what is not meant to happen will not happen and no force on earth can make it happen. By this understanding patience and trust in life grace man.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2016

Editor’s Note:
Dr Shankar’s article provides such an important insight into the process of evolution. There is no scope for intellectual conclusions of superiority or inferiority within the whole expanse of life. Nothing in life can influence the evolutionary path – it is as it is. The understanding, through wisdom, that it is so is the greatest gift of life.  Man may show his gratitude for this gift by reflecting deeply on the words. Thank you.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator’s Note:
Conclusions are the hallmark of daily life. It is the guide for every human being. Without any conclusion, fear would be present, simply because man is devoid of trust in life. This article by Dr. Shankar is very deep: Only a brave man or woman can grasp the depth of understanding presented here in simple words. Trust is needed for the understanding to cement in daily life, however understanding is needed for trust to happen – which comes first could never be known, because both just happen without a cause, mysteriously.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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