Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

2 October 2019

Patience (5)


Understand that the mind with thoughts is judged by another mind, just as your mind with thoughts does to another. Understand that the mind with thoughts about life is illusory and not real.

Every ego is simply trying to take its stand on its concepts of patience for the future. The concepts are not real patience. Your own real patience is without any concepts of patience. 

When this understanding happens to you, so will patience happen to you. Therefore, understand in life, where you are, as you are, you are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are slowly and surely evolving,

Patience happens when you understand that, whether you like it or not, you are evolving every moment to become enlightened slowly but surely. What a revelation. Is it not so? Patience happens when you understand that, as you are, you are total. As you are, no matter how you are, you will slowly and surely become enlightened. 

Understand that by running to an external support system that focus will not bring patience to you here and now.  Understand that the focus on love, the focus on gain, the focus on prestige, the focus on pride, the focus on ambition will happen if it is meant to happen.

The understanding that life is within every moment brings in patience. Life is where you are and gifts you with whatever you have without your asking, for it brings patience to you.

The trust that life makes every moment and that whatever is always present in every moment, including how you are within any moment, brings patience to you in every moment in your life.

Understand that you cannot do anything to become life because you do not make any moment in life. Therefore, when you clearly understand that life will flow the way it is meant to flow, you will be gifted patience by life.

The point is that life where you are is thoughtless and timeless. That point, which is here and now intermittently, appears as illusory thoughts that are meant to happen. This trust brings patience to you. 

Whatever the mind thinks may or may not be there in the moment. Ponder over it. Once you ponder over it and realise that your mind is always on that which it wants and it may or may not be there. Yet something is there; it is always there as a gift. When you trust the moment in life and accept what is present in every moment, patience comes along with this acceptance. 

The enlightened trust life and accept life with whatever is gifted to them by life and are patient with the gifts of life, which is in every moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
Understanding is real; patience is real. Understanding is truth; patience is truth. Both understanding and patience may be revealed with clarity, as gifted in Dr. Shankar’s articles. Yet neither is knowable, for both are unknown. Life is a mystery for each one of us, albeit we are gifted with their deep understanding of life by enlightened men and women. Have we made the moment in which this gift is given? Silence. Have we made this moment? Silence. Deep silence is acceptance.
Julian Capper, UK

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