Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

30 May 2020

Precious Life (2)


In daily life, no matter what age-group you are in, the same problems or concepts keep recurring every day. What difference is there? The difference is only a matter of degree. 

The same anger is there. Hunger is there. Sadness is there. Happiness is there. The degree of any emotion, which you like to have or do not want to have, is always different from the degree of any emotion that is in any moment in life. 

You imagine a holiday. You are happy and excited in your imagination, but when you go for the holiday, you know what it is. You know what the score is. It is not at all like you had imagined. 

Imagination is your tool of measurements of life being precious. How a day should go is a religion you wish to follow. Understand that it is precious because no religion makes the moment in life.

The moment in life, including life in the moment, is precious because neither life nor the moment in life is made by humans, animals, vegetation or earth. And yet all are in life in every moment in the way they are meant to be and they all cannot be in any other way than the way that all are in any moment.

Understand that your daily life is precious. You may be working, you may be having a cup of tea and you may be talking to a friend. It does not matter. It is not the mind which conducts that in the moment, because the mind does not make the moment in life, 

Understand that it is life which flows that way and neither you nor your mind makes life flow. This is what makes life precious. 

Understand that nothing is lost and nothing is gained in life. Everything transforms from one form to another. Life is precious because you can get a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a job, money, a house or anything that you are meant to get because you do not make the moment in which they are.

Understand that judgement, appreciation, applauding and criticising that happen in the moment are precious because you do not make the moment in which they are present. 

Understand that you will come to know what you need to know in the moment. You will have what you are meant to have in the moment. You will eat what you are meant to eat in the moment, because you do not make the moment in daily life.

Understand that the mind believes you can make a moment in daily life, but does not understand you need a moment to make a moment in daily life and also need a moment to be in daily life. But you already are in the moment before you can make the moment.

The wise understand that every moment in life along with the transformation in it is precious. This is because thoughts neither make the moment in life that is, nor the transformation that is within any moment in life.

The wise understand that the transformation within the moment is varied and precise. 

The enlightened realise that the moment and trust in it is precious.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
The jewel in the crown is what every man and every woman seeks in life. Yet the real jewel in the crown is not to be found, it is not to be held, it is not to be known, it is not to be measured. For what is to be found, what is to be held, what is to be known and what is to be measured does not exist, save as an illusion in the moment that is. Until this is understood, man will continue striving to attain and make his own. It is a substitute gifted by the intelligence of life to man on his journey towards realising who he really is; towards living life as it happens.
Julian Capper. UK

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