Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

4 June 2020

Precious Life (4)


You are in perfect synchrony in life together with matter, vegetation, animals, nature and weather. This synchrony is interpreted by the mind that it controls life, can modify life, can plan life and get sophisticated as well. It is a very intelligent life in synchrony.

Where do words come from? There are so many languages in this world, so many men, so many women, so many different colours, where did they all originate? Man seems to have populated the whole world. 

He must have been quite busy when he started it. How did it all come about? Where did the first man on earth come from? Where did the first woman on earth come from? And who came first? Is it man or woman? This understanding makes life precious.

Where did religions come from and there are so many of them? How come there are so many? Why are there so many? When the first human was born, there was no religion at all. 

A religion was given to a human. There is no religion for a carrot or a flower. You cannot say, let me go and buy a Christian flower or a Hindu apple. The air which everyone breathes and inhales is without religion. The air does not say, hey, you are a Catholic, I am a Hindu air: how can I enter you? 

What is the religion of the earth? If at all earth has any religion, if the earth's religion was Hindu, do you think a Catholic would walk on it? He will not. He has to fly, but can a Catholic fly? 

What is the religion of a cat, of a dog? All these things you must understand. Life imparts labels to deceive man, to create a deception of reality. Labels create a deception of reality to man. 

Labels may be in the form of words, in the form of written language, in the form of belief you believe in. Are labels all that man is? Are labels all that the world is? Is it all a matter of labels to impart a reality? 

How do labels, meaning thoughts, exist in life? Understand that light and sound in life are in perfect synchrony. Understand that the human ear receives only sound-waves and it will receive only the sound-waves it is meant to receive because the ear is in synchrony with light and sound in life.

Understand that the sound received by the ear get transformed as thoughts and words in the human mind. This is because every letter in any word is a phoneme, meaning unit of sound. Understand that every moment in life is in perfect synchrony with life as well, just as light and sound are in perfect synchrony and in every moment.

Understand that the human eye receives only light waves and it will receive only the light waves it is meant to receive, because the eye is in synchrony with light and sound in life.

The wise understand that life is a singular movement because in every moment there is only movement. The wise understand that the only movement in every moment is a movement of light and sound, because light and sound are in synchrony in every moment. The wise understand that the synchrony of light and sound in life is precious

The enlightened realise that life is a singular movement of light and sound.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2020

Editor’s Note:
What a masterpiece is life; the supreme artist in flow, whose every work is a balanced manifestation of perfection. So why does man seek to control, prove that he controls, fights, even to the death, to control perfection? What is the gain for mind with thoughts to pursue this way of life, gifted, as is being revealed, by the intelligence of life? And then man strives to make it his own, if need be, by a show of force and power – a superpower. Life displays a wonderful orchestra of light and sound in which harmony and disharmony play their part, albeit entirely illusory. The wise show that life is a mystery, unacceptable to mind with thoughts, and follows no patterns or protocols. Precious is the understanding that this is so. So too is living life as it happens.   
Julian Capper. UK

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