Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

10 July 2019


“In Life”

Problems in daily life for both man and woman may be many, few or single. The problems of daily life are variable: they may be concerned with job, personal relationships, behaviour and even concerning upbringing of children.

Knowledge informs both man and woman that they should try to correct their problems because knowledge informs that problems can be solved by man and woman.

Knowledge reveals that, while trying to correct the problems in daily life, man and woman are not free from the shadows of unwanted emotions, which also vary in variety and intensity.

But a wise man and woman who understand life deeply, however, are free from unwanted emotions that accompany the problems in daily life. These concern job, personal relationships, behaviour and upbringing of children to man and woman with knowledge.

So what could the deep understanding of life or wisdom be that a wise man or woman has that needs to be understood?

The wisdom of a wise man or woman of daily life steadies the rocky waves and waters of the mind troubled with problems. The wise understand that neither man nor woman makes any moment in life and everything sophisticates within the moment spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably.

A wise man or woman understands that the moment in life is eternal and everything that sophisticates continuously within the moment makes everything perfect and precise as it is. 

A wise man or woman understands that man with his mind, who only exists within the moment, cannot do anything by his own free will and choice. This is because life in the moment, which contains man, continuously sophisticates as everything which is in the moment and cannot be other than what is within the moment. 

This wise understanding is everything because it is the answer to all the why’s in life, including problems, because life has no why’s. Life is precise and precious and it is what it is.

A wise man and woman understand that life is as it is within the moment and this includes family, friends, colleagues, children and every living and non-living thing that surrounds anywhere and everywhere, including man's apparent doing, speaking, actions and thinking. A wise man and woman understand that this cannot be other than what it is in the moment. 

When life is deeply understood, harmony and understanding of family and friends and everything that surrounds man and woman will be present slowly but surely. Man and woman will more and more admire family and friends as life’s expressions as gifts of life.

Man and woman will not judge their family, children, friends, colleagues or their apparent individual actions.

The enlightened accept everyone and everything as they are.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2019

Editor’s Note:
This article explains that there is a natural process of sophistication in everything that happens and exists in every moment of life. Furthermore, man plays no part in this process for he too is part of it, like it or not. Small children, as well as adults, use the word ‘why’ frequently as they explore the world they are meeting. Emotions that are not wanted and that arise on an almost daily basis from perceived injustice harm or cruelty may trigger a determined search for a responsible cause, be it a person or thing. As understanding of the words of the wise matures, man may gradually find equanimity in the circulation of daily life.
Julian Capper, UK.

Dutch translator’s note:
Our knowledge of life is full of right and wrong. About what should or should not be said, done or thought and if not happens what should happen, there will be a problem.
The conviction that man is the doer, speaker and thinker is strongly anchored in us and each time it makes us experience problems and makes us try and solve them.  This article of Dr. Shankar shows we can trust life. Slowly but surely this trust will grow so we shall recognize in our own life what he has shared with us in this article.
Paula Smit, The Netherlands

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