Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
Published on www.academy-advaita.com
The Netherlands
20th March 2016

Quantum Life

“Light and thought”

Man is aware of his surroundings and everything that he knows because of his memory. Without memory man is unable to know anything. The known, however, is in the form of thoughts. This implies that memory is thoughts.

It is by thought that man identifies matter, vegetation, animal kingdom and himself, as well as others. Matter, vegetation and the animal kingdom do not tell man who they are; it is man’s thoughts that tell who they are, including himself, and who others are.

Man has abundance of thoughts within his memory. Man has neither made these thoughts nor brought them along with him. The birth of man in life is a mystery, because man could not have taken birth through human parents as it is impossible to determine the parents of the first human baby on earth.

This implies that man has evolved and thoughts that are present in memory have evolved as well. Evolution has further conditioned man to believe what is perceived by thoughts as real.A thought, however, is invisible and this is an important fact, because it is obvious that the invisible cannot be seen. This implies that the real perceived by a thought as real cannot be real but has to be illusory, meaning it is present, but yet not present.

It is rather difficult for man to understand how the real could be present and yet not present. The evolution of knowledge as science has provided a clue to understand the predicament of man.

Science has provided the information that matter, vegetation, animal kingdom and humans are made up of atoms, and atoms are basically light or energy. The inherent characteristic of light is quantum, meaning light has both magnitude and frequency together and not separately.

Quantum means that light with its magnitude and frequency is both a wave and a particle (matter, vegetation, animal and a human) in the same moment, when they are perceived. An atom is light, which means an atom is a wave and a particle in the same moment, when an atom is perceived as matter, vegetation, animal and a human. This implies that the mind is light and a thought in the same moment, when a thought is perceived as matter, vegetation, animal and humans.

Life therefore at quantum level is light, but displays thought when perceived. Mind at quantum level is light, which is life as it is, but displays thoughts of life when perceived, which is not life as it is. A word at quantum level is light, but displays a meaning because of its opposite when perceived.

Man can neither control an atom nor its quantum nature and this is the reason why man cannot control life as perceived by the mind as thoughts.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2016

Editor’s Note:
This is a remarkable analysis of life as it is and as it is not. When man engaged the faculty of perception on his evolutionary journey, as he had to, he unwittingly accepted reality as it was not. This is revealed by the deep understanding of the wise. The extraordinary gift of this understanding is shared here with man on his journey of life. Let him realise that he is twice blessed.
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator’s Note: 
Illusory does not mean that it does not exist. Dr. Shankar has explained this fact of life many times in various contexts. This article reveals wisdom once again so that an understanding may happen to man of what illusory really means. Reality as it is is quantum. It is neither a wave nor a particle (it is both in one moment), however it appears as a particle (matter, vegetation, animal and a human) to the human mind. This deception is accepted as reality in daily life. Even though scientists understand the quantum nature of life, in daily life they are captured by the illusion. Dr. Shankar’s insights target a deeper understanding of the quantum nature of life in the perception of our daily lifes. This is enlightenment. 
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany. 

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