Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

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18th June 2014



Religion and Science


Ever since science has become sophisticated, it has dismissed faith, which forms the basis of religion, because science places complete dependence on proof to establish the truth. The proofs of science, however, are temporary until science becomes further sophisticated - only to establish further proofs, which yet again would be temporary, as records suggests.


Science always demands proof for religious faith and its beliefs, and none that religion provides satisfies the curiosity of the scientific mind. Science places its authority on evolution as the truth.


If it is questioned whether man can control evolution, the answer would be an overwhelming ‘yes’, as science brings about new species. But, if evolution were true, the new species would be through a process of evolution too, and not an act by science. So the question still remains as to who or what brings about evolution - man or God, meaning science or religion?


Now growth is a phenomenon of evolution and science has neither made growth start or progress, nor has it made evolution start or progress. Evolution, growth and movement are inseparable because growth is movement and likewise movement is growth, and both evolve and will continue to do so.


Furthermore, an action is a movement and cannot be separate from the movement. As movement and growth are inseparable, it is only obvious that an action is inseparable from growth and movement. As growth and movement are due to evolution, it is apparent that an action too is dependent on how sophisticated evolution has become, and is not dependent on man to perform an action, though it appears that he does an action.


The same principle applies to speech too. The mouth and the lips move in speech and speech reflects how sophisticated evolution has become. Speech is therefore not an act done by man, though it appears so. Similarly, thinking happens to man, though it appears that he can think.


Therefore, while religion believes that man is the doer, evolution - meaning science - proves that man just cannot be the doer, but has not understood it as yet. Can the conundrum of religion and science ever be answered? Deep enquiry suggests that it can be answered.


To science, fossils are symbols for evolution just as light is for religion a symbol for divinity or God on which faith is placed. Now, paradoxically, it is science which has proof that every speck of evolution and the instruments it uses for finding proofs is made up of atoms, which are basically light.


Therefore, it is evident that both religion and science have much in common and that is light. Life manifests as evolution, which is science in the form of thoughts, and life manifests religion as well, which are thoughts too. Thoughts, on the other hand, are an illusory manifestation of sound, which is light too. So the common ground for both science and religion is light because, for religion, light is God and God is everywhere, and for science every speck of life is light, which means light or God is everywhere.


Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2014


Editor’s Note:
Here are the two great pillars of human motivation whose disciples have for generations, and no doubt will for generations to come, devoted untold effort and wealth in upholding and proclaiming. Lives have been sacrificed and even taken as a mark of conviction.
Divided though mankind may be by the opposing interpretations and shibboleths of religious factions, this great pillar takes no prisoners from Science with its insistence on certainties. And yet, beyond these parameters of mind, shines the vision of the sage. So important to mankind is the realisation of this light that shines eternally through Religion and Science, thus dissolving the barriers that mind cannot.

Julian Capper, U.K.


Dutch translator’s note

The opposition between religion and science seems enormous. It is the opposition between belief and knowledge, surrender and logic and feeling and proof. Religion and science are found in man and are therefore seen as made by man. Religion and science result from the evolutionary movement and are expressed by the human mind. In this article it is clearly explained why they cannot possibly be made by man. Like all thoughts, religion and science come and go through the human mind, but they are not made by the mind.



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