Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

13th August 2018

Self-Enquiry 4


Self-enquiry is honest enquiry of not only who you are, but also what you are.
Self-enquiry is also an honest enquiry into what objects, vegetation and animals are.  

Self-enquiry is honest whether the seed came first or the plant come first. This enquiry is difficult to answer by those with knowledge. It is, however, explained by those with wisdom of self-enquiry. So what is the explanation by the wise, is the question?

It is paradoxical that, when the meaning conveyed by knowledge is deeply understood by humans, the wisdom of self-enquiry is revealed.

The meaning conveyed by scientific knowledge of a seed is that every atom of any seed is light. The deep meaning of this scientific knowledge reveals wisdom that any seed is an illusion of light, including whatever comes out of the seed. Wisdom further implies that the illusion of light of any plant cannot be any other illusion than the illusion which is present in any moment. 

The meaning conveyed by scientific knowledge is that every atom of a seed is light. This scientific knowledge signifies that a seed is an illusion of light and whatever comes out of the seed is an illusion of light as well. This signifies that the plant is an illusion of light, because a plant comes out of a seed.

It only means that a seed is a compressed plant and a plant is an expressed seed, just as the egg is a compressed chicken and the chicken is an expressed egg.

The question still remains regarding the presence of a seed before the plant. Again, it is wisdom of elements and matter that gives the clue for deeper understanding of this question.

Wisdom of elements reveals that every atom of an element is light. This wisdom further signifies that an element appears as an illusory matter of light. As a seed is matter, it further signifies that elements appeared as a seed first.

This signifies that a seed came first and the first seed expressed as a first plant. The elements within the first plant appeared as a seed in the plant and the cycle of the conundrum was set in motion by the intelligence in life.

The enlightened, due to self-enquiry, understand the wisdom and, therefore, accept every plant or a seed as it is in any moment. They do not expect it to be other than what it is in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2018

Editor’s Note: 
We all love conundra and we love the inherent challenge to resolve them. The intelligence of life has gifted these challenges for the minds of men, women and children, proportionate to their level of maturity. They may also be considered to be riddles. These articles concerned with honest self-enquiry are expressing the deep understanding of the wise in revealing the wisdom of the conundrum. Thus, knowledge may gradually give way to enlightenment. 
Julian Capper, UK

German Translator’s Note: 
In this series of articles on self-enquiry, Dr. Shankar guides the reader from the chicken-and-egg-problem to the whole of nature, including in the world of plants, animals and humans. In this article, the insights into the chicken-egg-problem are transmitted to the plants and their seeds. So, starting from one point, the understanding of wisdom about self-enquiry gradually expands to the whole area of knowledge that has been evolutionarily accumulated in man.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.

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