Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.
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The Netherlands

16th August 2018

Self-enquiry 7


Self-enquiry is honest enquiry of not only who you are, but also what you are.
Self-enquiry is also an honest enquiry into what objects, vegetation and animals are.  

Self-enquiry is honest whether the egg came first or the chicken came first. This enquiry is difficult to answer by those with knowledge. It is, however, explained by those with wisdom of self-enquiry. So what is the explanation by the wise, is the question?

It is paradoxical that when the meaning conveyed by knowledge is deeply understood by humans the wisdom of self-enquiry is revealed. The explanation of the wise is given in article self-enquiry 2.

A further conundrum to the egg and chicken problem is, did the egg yolk and the egg white come first or did the shell of the egg come first? The explanation of the wise is given in article self-enquiry 3.

Similarly, the conundrum, did the seed come first or did the plant come first, is asked. The explanation of the wise is given in article self-enquiry 4.

A further conundrum to the question 4 is whether a coconut shell came first or the coconut and coconut water came first. The explanation of the wise is given in article self-enquiry 5.

Similar to the enquiry 5, the further enquiry is whether an animal skin came first or did the animal below the skin come first?

Scientific knowledge of elements reveals the wisdom of elements when the deep meaning of elements is understood by humans. Wisdom of the scientific knowledge of elements reveals that every atom of an element is light. 

This wisdom signifies that light appeared as illusory elements first. Also that light appeared as different elements as well. It is impossible to determine the first element that appeared on earth. 

This further implies that illusory elements appear as an illusory seed. This signifies that particular elements appeared as a seed for animal and seeds for different animals as well. 

Since every atom of the skin and every atom of animal is light, it signifies that the light appeared as the animal skin first and the light below the skin appeared as the animal as an illusion of light as well.

This signifies that the animal skin came first and the first animal skin expressed below it the first animal. The elements within the first animal appeared as an animal seed and the cycle of the enquiry was set in motion by the intelligence in life.

This signifies that the animal skin is a compressed animal and the animal expresses skin over it, similar to an animal being an expressed seed and a seed being a compressed animal.

This wisdom applies to any skin of animal that is on any animal on earth. 

The enlightened, due to self-enquiry, have rightly proclaimed that life is beginningless and endless. This signifies that any skin of animal, including the animal below the skin, albeit illusory, has neither a beginning nor an end.

The enlightened, due to self-enquiry, understand the wisdom of the further seed and animal conundrum. They, therefore, admire the intelligence of light and its many expressions on animals in any moment. They do not expect them to be other than what they are in any moment.

Author: Dr. Vijai S. Shankar
© Copyright V. S. Shankar 2018

Editor’s Note:
An enquiry is initiated by a search for knowledge. There is an expectation for an answer or result. It is not unusual for parallel enquiries to yield different or even opposing results. Each of the articles in this series is described as ‘honest enquiry’. Such enquiry is not predicated on prior knowledge or even on bias. Deep understanding of meaning, as clarified here, reveals the wisdom of self-enquiry. What is revealed has neither a beginning nor an end. 
Julian Capper, UK.

German Translator’s Note:
Science considers the becoming in nature as real in life to analyze. For example, the nature and development of an animal and its skin. Self-enquiry, as demonstrated here by Dr. Shankar, is the process in the intellect of man, which leads to clarity that becoming in the mind is illusory and not real. With this understanding man lives calmly, patiently and with trust in life in the nameless Here and timeless Now where becoming and passing away are One.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

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